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My Alien deck


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YES I need a Cosmic horror Gangiel (Spelling) and an alien warrior, but here's the best I can do for now.


Mons (22)

Alien Telepath X3

Alien grey X2

Alien Hunter X3

Alien Infiltrator

Alien Hypno

Alien Mars X3

Flying Saucer Muusik'i

snipe hunter

Alien skull X3

Cyber Dragon

Alien mother

Alien Psychic X2


Spell/Traps (21)

Crop circles

"A" Cell Incubator

Brainwashing Beam X2

Mass hypnosis X2

"A" Cell Breeding Device X3

Otherworld - The "A" zone X3

Corruption Cell "A" X2

Sakuretsu Armor X3

"A" Cell Scatter Burst X2

Heavy storm

Premature Burial

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Probably because 'The People of Konami' wanted to make everyone mad probably, Even Magician of Faith was banned, September '07 was kind a annoying. Thank god It isn't banned anymore. lol


In '07 they unbanned meta, and put other cards up there. lol

And Now they changed there minds yet again. Can they keep it normal? Or where they don't Change there minds.

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Breaker the Magical Warrior? Or a different Breaker. =O


Just had to ask' date=' because Breaker [b']is[/b] Banned. =O

Is or was? I'm confused here.


Are we talking about a different Breaker?


Wait, what other Breaker?

Breaker the Magical Warrior, and I forgot to say was. I was like remembering it saying it was banned. And now it isn't.


So it's a highly confusing matter. lol

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