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>>Strater, The Multi-Form Blader<< Normal and effect monster, spell and trap card!!!


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Strater, The Multi-Form Blader



When this card is in your hand and on the field it is treated as a Normal Monster, Effect Monster,Normal Spell Card and Continuous Trap Card. When this card is Normal Summoned you can select whether it is a Normal Monster card or an Effect Monster card. If you select it to be a Normal Monster card this card's Original ATK becomes 2500 and DEF 2200. If you select it to be an Effect Monster card it gets the following effect:-By paying 400 Life Points you can return this and 1 other card on the field to the owner's hand. When this card is activated as a Spell Card it gets the following effect:-Inflict 1000 damage to your opponent's Life Points. You cannot declare an attack during the turn you activated this card. When this card is activated as a Trap Card it gains the following effect:-Pay 500 Life Points to activate this card. During each of your opponent's Standby Phases inflict 500 points of damage to your opponent's Life Points and 200 points of damage to your Life Points.


Hope you like it! It took me around 30' making the whole design of the card.[/align]

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Its not hard to make cards like these, all i use is MS paint LOL



And great effect Gak, but i dont like the card design.



- You have not given the colours an even Area.

- You have left just the trap symbol, when its all 4 and mainly a monster.

- The Level stars on the image look very cheap

- Cards always look lame if you cannot read the writing

- The monster on the image is to far to the top right




I like your overall idea, but Quality takes time, this does not look like much time was spent.

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DJ got it' date=' the quality is't great, but it's a awsome idea ^_^



Indeed, i actually expected alot more from Gak, Gak is one of the best card makers on this site, and i always expect Quality from them, its dissapointing when they let themselves down.



Try spending more time Gak on the design, work out other ways for the card to work.

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