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Anime and Video Game Cards


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I have alot more, but I'll show more later. If it wern't for some minor errors such as no circulation print, and what not... it looks good enough. Expect to see cards from such games like Rockman (any of the known series), Boktai, Kingdom Hearts, and some anime once I find time to do so.



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(May take time to fully load) Have some more to reveal. Here's an interesting note on Shademan's card. If you look at the ID on the lower left corner, take out the "0" at the end and flip the numbers around, you have Dark Necrofear's ID. I also had a little trouble with Trans-Fefnir's image, and I had to add more ground at the bottom of the card's image otherwise there would have been a small black bar.











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I have seen one too many cards with Sephiroth grossly overpowered. For a better Ritual Monster, this shall suffice, along with its Spell Card. A little detail about the card's other effects depends on what's been destroyed: For each Spell Card destroyed, the user of One-Winged Angel recieves 200 LP, and for each Trap Card destroyed opponent loses 200 LP.



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