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Vehicroid Cyber Dragon deck

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i probably won't be able to make it anyway but if you r going to help please no jinzo or reflects.

Edit :total :41


tribute monsters (5)

Cyber dragon x3

ancient gear beast x2


non tribute monsters (edit :19)

magician of faith


Steamroid x3

submarineroid x3

drillroid x3

gyroid x2

proto-cyber dragon x2

gear golem the moving fortress x2

Edit : expressroid x2


spells (13)

future fusion

overload fusion x2

Polymerization x2

Vehicroid Connection Zone

power bond x2

heavy storm

mystical space typhoon

swords of revealing light

mage power

ax of despair


traps (4)

dust tornado

magic cylinder

mirror force

royal decree


Fusions (10)

Chimeratech over-dragon x2

super Vehicroid jumbo drill x2

steamgyriod x2

cyber-end dragon x2

cyber twin dragon x2


Side deck (needs more)

Super Polymerization x2

De-fusion x2

cyber phoenix x2

divine wrath x2


airknight parshath

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do u mean marshmallon' date=' magician of faith, & sandgan or what? and i won't want to summon that to get its effect because it has 400 ATK



It's effect is wonderful. Return 2 Vehicroids. Why would you not want that? 0_o?

ya i guess i could summon it when i have swords active or mirror force face down i'll run 2

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