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three card combo


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1. Edge Dancer: her effect becomes more apparent later




2.Dark Alleyway: use this card to send cards to the graveyard for "Edge Dancer's" effect, and to get out the third card




3.Gateway To Bevulgia: use this card so that you can send cards to the graveyard every turn without the worry of decking





a few other useful cards


4.Hina: sift through your deck till you get the cards you want, not to mention you get to power up "Edge Dancer"




5. Rapid Force Blast: this card is only good deppending on your opponent (wouldn't keep your hopes up though)



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The cards really don't combo that well. You're still only giving Edge Dancer an extra 200 ATK per turn, and since she has no protection or other effects, it's unlikely that any given Edge Dancer will last very long. Even with 3 Dark Alleyway in the grave and a deck where every remaining card is a monster, Edge Dancer will still gain ATK slower than Legendary Fiend does, and Legendary Fiend isn't exactly a great card.


EDIT for 4 and 5: Hina is basically Magical Merchant with an extra effect; I can see her being run in decks. Rapid Force Blast could be useful for some minor burn and mill, but burn decks generally don't benefit too much from mill (compared to other decktypes), and unless you're about to deck out, your opponent will always choose 1.

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