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Structure Deck: Gamble Addiction

Master Hyperion

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Las Vegas monsters finally arrive to judge your luck. Roll dices and use coins to blow away your opponent's monsters so they have no protection on their side. "Gamble Addiction" is ready to play with out of the box, and is perfect for new Duelists, and is packed with powerful cards. Each Deck contains 40 cards, including the powefull and Ultra Rare "Barrel Dragon". Also included is a rulebook, game mat, and a Dueling Guide which assists Duelists in improving and perfecting the Deck's strategies.




Ultra Rare:

Barrel Dragon x1





Blowback Dragon x1

Snipe Hunter x1

Jirai Gumo x3

Kryuel x2

Sasuke Samurai #4 x2

Time Wizard x1

Roulette Barrel x2

Goddes of Whim x2

Card Trooper x1

Neo-Spacian Grand-Mole x1

Morphing Jar x1




Second Coin Toss x2

Dangerous Machien TYPE-6 x2

Graceful Dice x2

Mystical Space Typhoon x1

Scapegoat x1

Reasoning x2

Card Destruction x1

Card Shuffle x1

Card Trader x1




Dice Re-Roll x2

Fairy Box x1

Blind Destruction x1

Fire Darts x1

Gamble x1

Skull Dice x2

Conscription x1

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