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Tarot Cards


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Well I back everybody

I will continue to make cards, watch the shows, read the manga but what I not continuing is playing in RL since my cards are well "Old Timers" if you get what I mean so its hard to compete in this modern day of age. (Espically when people insist on doing a Gembeast/Volcanic deck or a freaking Zane knock off deck which you know what I mean)


Aside from that I will add more Tarot like cards into this thread :)


P.S. just so how you can tell which is what for each set of rolls: 1-2 = Sun, 3-4 = Moon and 5-6 = Star

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I been doing my HM on Tarot cards which is scary because I hardly ever do my HM.


Interesting info:

I realized some or most cards that are tarot have a reverse so I thought to my self how to work that into yugioh so I decided it went to the opponent and as usual each reverse version on the same card has a bad effect (Bad as in harmful to your opponent)






Their is also a thing I was thinking when making these cards: "What grass is truly greener?" is sort of a neat aspect of the cards with the whole Reverse part. 8)


Yes all cards will be spell cards so no monsters or traps.

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