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Legacy of the Gods


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A fanfic idea I've had.


Tell me if you like it, and if you want me to keep working on it.




The world of Duel Monsters has always lived in close parallel to ours. Many years ago, creatures began to be pulled out of their own world, draw into ours by the Shadowmages. This left holes in the barrier between the worlds, and eventually the gods themselves were drawn to our world, ruling over both realms.


The most famous of these were Obelisk, Osiris, and Ra, ancient gods of old. But there were more than just these three gods, as most soon forgot. Exodia, and his twin Exxod, Obilisk’s brothers, faded into obscurity after they were sealed. Nephtys, and her brother Horus, too, disappeared under the shadow of the three. There were many more gods of the Duel Spirit realm, some even lesser known because they had stayed put in their own world. But these gods of light had one great problem.


Good and evil must be balanced. But when they had crossed into the human world, their inferior amount of darkness nothing compared to the gods of light. Light was placed into the god’s realm, and darkness was pulled from Neo-Space to create a balance in the human world, manifesting as evil forms of the gods.


Raviel, Uria, and Hamon were born. And along with them Dark Horus, Dark Nephtys, and Exodia Necross. These creatures held the might of the gods at bay, and slowly but surely, they were pushed back into their own realm, disappearing along with their counterparts into their parallel world.


But through their presence in the human world something they never would have expected happened. Immensely strong beings who could not contain their own power - this was the strength of the Gods. That overflowing power stayed within the human realm seeping into those who came too near. And as the generations passed, the power would sometimes surface again in their offspring.


And then the wall broke again, when one of those with the power of a god happened to stumble across the ancient Egyptian scriptures. And duel monsters was born, opening new holes in the barrier.


It was only a matter of time until he, Maximilion Pegasus, found the lore of the gods. Being a descendant of Horus, Pegasus feared the gods’ power, and locked the cards he made away.


If you are reading this text, you know how effective that was.


The power of a god could not be contained so easily, and the Spirits themselves were growing bored. So when their power leaked into a human once again, he was overcome with the desires to set them free.


Once again, I believe anyone reading this would know of whom I speak. Marik Ishtar, brother of the one who had sealed them away. The power had clung to her, but as she had manifested Nephys’ power, she was immune to it herself, and it sunk into her brother.


Another one with power, a manifestation of the Cursed Twin Exodia’s, was able to put an end to his rampage. But it was already too late. The Gods had been reintroduced into this world, and their shadows came back from whatever dimension that had slept in.


All life seemed to be at an end, when the reincarnation of the prince of Neo-Space defeated the man controlled by their power.


But the light that had been placed in the god’s realm when they had first gotten loose had returned to our dimension when they were resealed, warped by the travel. It had hung out at the edges of the human’s dimension and Neo-Space, but returned to earth upon the call of the dark.


The Light of Destruction nearly claimed the world, but the Prince of Neo-Space destroyed the excess light, and the worlds were saved.


There was also one more incident where the Sacred Beasts were reawoken, but I have no account on that happening, as they had been shifted into a different dimension. The kind of force behind that power could only be that granted by Neo-Space itself.


With the worlds’ balance restabilized, everything was peaceful…


Note the past tense. It has been recorded that power has resurfaced in humans, and that can only spell trouble for the combined fate of our worlds.


(Excerpt from the Journal of Kahu, immortal manifest of Ra.)




“So, have you found them, Kahu?” a man asked, his chair shrouded by a veil of darkness.


“Sir… three of them have been located.” He said, bowing. It was annoying to have to go through these formalities, but Lord Horus was a stickler for tradition.


“And has contact been made?” He questioned, and Kahu flinched. He hadn’t expected him to want so much so soon. It would take a while for them to trust them, and even longer to adapt to being told they were descended from an Egyptian God.


“…No. …No, Sir, it has not. We have people befriending them, to gain their trust, but they are still unaware.” He said, sighing.


“Unacceptable!” Horus shouted. “After all this time you still have not brought even one closer to us?! It is only a matter of time until they screw up the balance if left alone!” Kahu backed away. It was never good, when Horus got in a bad mood like this.


“I-I’m sorry, Milord, but humans take a long time to trust people. Even… he… does not fully trust us, and it’s been nearly twenty years. Just be patient a little longer, I implore you.” He nearly begged, and Horus gave a slight nod, barely detectable in the darkness.


“You have until the end of the decade to bring them to us. Fail me and you will wish your ancestor Ra was feasting on your sprit!” Kahu gulped visibly.


“Mi-Milord! Surely you must reconsider! Humans are-” He was cut off by a wave of the god’s hand.


“I wish not to hear any more of your excuses, Kahu. You have been disappointing me to often in the past century, not even showing your cowardly face when Ishtar abused the power of your own ancestor. You WILL get them all to me in the next four years, or I will see to the removal of your infinite life myself.” Kahu bowed nervously and hurried out of the room. Lord Horus was serious about this - meaning he was running out of time.




Chapter One: D-Corp Sponsorship Tournament




“So, what kind of deck to you use?” Suroh asked. He had only recently met this young duelist who had attracted the attention of D-Corp, but it was nice to see such an enthusiastic kid playing the game.


“I like to use Winged-Beast types. Preferably LIGHT attribute as well, but I’m not too picky. …By the way, why did you want to know?” He asked, and the older man smiled.


“I find the cards that a duelist uses shows a reflection of their character. Your deck says you a tough opponent, yet kind and friendly towards others.” he said, and gave a smile. “I also believe there is a card it is missing, but you will never obtain it.”


Hikaru stepped back, shocked. “What do you mean?” He asked, and the man bent down to stare him directly in the eyes.


“You won’t obtain the card because even you cannot use it. Especially you cannot use it. If I were to tell you what the card is, or give it to you, it would be the worst mistake of my life. It is up to your to be able to figure it out, and prove yourself worthy to handle such power.” He said, gravely serious, but the boy just smiled.


“I can handle anything. Just watch me.” Hikaru said confidently, and Suroh smiled back at him. He was expecting great things from this boy.


“Then go out there and show the D-Corp what you can do. Of course, I’m an employee as well, so I’ll be there to watch your duel. Be careful, though. You’re going up against a strong opponent. He will truly test your strength. Never let up for a second, or he will destroy you.” The black-haired man advised, and Hikaru gave a polite bow.


“Thank you. I’ll remember that.” He said, and stepped out of the room, and onto the walkway to the arena.


“Good luck kid. You’re gonna need it.” Were the last word that echoed from behind him, giving Hikaru an ominous feeling.


Not the best way to start one of the most important duels of your lives.




“The D-Corp sponsorship tournament is drawing to a close! This is the final round!” The announcer shouted.


“We have the Rising Star of the tournament, a kid who came out of nowhere, Raito Hikaru! And his opponent, the junior league champion - Jun Ryotsu!” The two duelists walked out, looking over their opponent carefully.


Hikaru was an altogether unimpressive kid, wearing a modified yellow and white Duel Academy uniform. Ryotsu, however, was about four inches taller than Hikaru, and wore a threatening black trench coat. Despite being about the same age these two were completely different.


HLP: 4000

RLP: 4000


“Hikaru will take the first move. Let the final match begin!”


“I’ll draw, and summon my Winged Dragon Altarius, in attack mode!” Hikaru said, the monster rising out of it’s card, and roared at it’s enemy. (1900/1700)


“When Altarius is summoned, I may add another LIGHT attribute monster from my deck to my hand, then shuffle a monster from my hand into my deck.” After fulfilling the card’s effect, he placed one card face-down on the field and ended his turn.


“What an amateurish turn. Allow me to show you how a true professional plays. I summon Hamon’s Advocate, in attack mode. When he is summoned, I may add one continuous spell from my deck to my hand.” (1500/1700)


“I’ll now activate the continuous spell card Ectoplasmer, and play the spell card Instant Summon. I can now special summon a monster from my hand at the cost of 1000 life points, but it returns to my hand at the end of the turn. I’ll summon Hamon’s Totem, in attack mode!” (3000/3000)


“Now, attack, and destroy his weak monster, my Totem.” Ryotsu called out, and his face-down card activated.


“Negate Attack ends your battle phase.” Hikaru said, seeing how close he had come to losing on the first turn.


“Fine. I offer Hamon’s Totem to Ectoplasmer, daling you 1500 points of damage.” The boy said, and the spirit of his monster was ripped from it‘s body, depleting almost half of his life points. (HLP: 2500)


“My turn. I’ll summon another Altarius, and my monster will attack your Advocate.” The Dragon let loose a stream of light from it’s mouth, engulfing the monster. (RLP: 3600)


“Now, attack directly, my second dragon!” The monster let loose an identical attack, and was then offered to ectoplasm, draining away most of the other duelist’s life points. (RLP: 800)


“I admit you have skill. But I will take victory. I offer one face-up continuous spell to normal summon Hamon’s Cleric, in attack mode.” The boy said, a yellow magician appearing on his field. (2000/2000)


Up in the stands, the president of D-Corp smiled. “He truly is one, isn’t he? I had my doubts that a mere shadow could imprint like a god, but I see it now.” the man by his side nodded.


“Well, I did say that he was. But that doesn’t mean he will win. He only has the power of a shadow on his side, and that can be overcome easily enough.”


“When Hamon’s Cleric is summoned by tributing a continuous spell, I can either gain life points equal to the number of continuous spells in my graveyard times five hundred, or add a number of continuous spells form my graveyard to my hand equal to the amount sent to the graveyard this turn. I choose to gain life points, allowing me to pay for an Instant Summon!” (RLP: 300)


“Rise, Hamon’s Sorcerer!” (2500/2100)


“Now, both of my monsters will destroy yours.” He ordered the attacks, and both of Hikaru’s dragons disappeared in a shower of light. (HLP: 2900)


“I’ll finish this turn with Instant Ectoplasmer!” His Sorcerer disappeared, soul ripped from it’s body, and Hikaru’s life points fell again. (HLP: 1650)


“I have to draw a good card… if I can’t destroy his monster this turn, I’ve lost. Come one deck, don’t let me down…” Hikaru whispered. “Alright! I play the spell card Wicked Wing Ritual! By offering the Altarius in my hand I can summon Winged Scourge Falkonn!” (2200/1200)


“When Falkonn is summoned, I have to discard my entire hand, but it’s well worth it, as he gains 100 ATK for each trap card in my graveyard, and that now makes three!” (2500/1200)


“Now attack his monster, and end this game!” Hikaru shouted, already celebrating his victory.


“Not quite. When you battle with my Hamon’s Cleric, I take no damage to my life points. Meaning it’s my turn. I’ll set one card face-down, and end. Upon your drawing a card I activate Hamon’s Grave Bomb. This deals you 400 damage for each Hamon card in my graveyard.” Hikaru smiled happily.


“That means I still have fifty life points left.” He said. “I win.” (HLP: 0) “Wait, what?”


Ryotsu coughed. “I’m sorry, I must have forgotten to say it properly. Every ‘Hamon’ named card in my graveyard and continuous spell. You lose.”


‘Winner - Jun Ryotsu’ The screen board displayed.


“You’re an especially strong opponent. Nobody has ever gotten that close to beating me.” Ryotsu said, and extended his hand.


“I would like you to come by my place later. I have a card I think would work well in your deck.” He offered, and Hikaru’s eyes lit up.


“Sure! Just tell me where to go!” He exclaimed happily, shaking his opponent’s hand. He may have lost the duel, but he had gained a new friend. He was sure to get invited back to the tournament next time, and he’d win then for sure.




I liked the concept when I thought of it, so I wrote this down. Due to the long prologue, this isn't all of chapter one, but I wanted to see if anyone was intrested before I finished. I don't really like when people post a non-dueling prologue, so I included the first part of chapter one that I wrote.


It will be seperated into a different post when I finish it.

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