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The Anime Association - An Anime Thing


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The Groups Purpose

I felt a group like this needed to exist here on YCMaker Forums due to the great deal of anime fans like myself that exist on this site. I felt that those anime fans needed a place in which they could call their home and where they could talk with each other and discuss anime based cards they want to make or have made, and thus The Anime Association is born!


What The Group Is For

As I've already stated above, the group will do many different things with most focusing mainly on anime in general, it will make a great place for those who are anime fans to discuss their likes and dislikes while also discussing about anime based yugioh cards they may make or have made and also to get help on such card making as well.


This group will not be some kind of group in which we make combined efforts however that can be done if said members wish to do such, but again the general idea is for those anime fans to meet, discuss, and have fun.


[[ Images and information above are subject to change without notice. ]]

[[ Images and information above are subject to change without notice. ]]


Group Member List

SushiTheLegend =--= Group Founder





God Splice

Tyranno Kenzan



OCG King



SOS Haruhi

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