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Pokemon Splice club (GRAND RE-OPENING!!!)


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Welcome Pokemon Splice making freinds!!!


Here you can post your artistic creations here.

There are 7 Ranks of splicing.


Rookie: 0-10 pnts

Advanced Rookie: 11-26 pnts.

Sergeant: 27-69

Advanced Sergeant: 70-100

Captian: 101-150

Advanced Captian: 151-199

Legendary: 200 or above


The highest splicing score in judging is 10 pnts.


Splicers will be also be put into groups.



Group 1:

(TAG: 7 pnts.: Rookie)

(saurumon666: 22 pnts.: Advance Rookie)

(tdath: 0 pnts.: Rookie)


Group 2:

(supershade: 6 pnts.: Rookie)

(Lord_Tobi: 0 pnts.: Rookie)

(gimi: 26 pnts.: Advanced Rookie)


Group 3:

(Neon-Eyes Heavenly God Dragon: 0 pnts.: Rookie)

(Jarod B: 0 pnts.: Rookie)

(Shadow Dude64: 0 pnts.: Rookie)










Neon-Eyes Heavenly God Dragon

Jarod B

Shadow Dude64


Also the best splices will be post here

Best splices:[attachment=23274]



Also will be contests for points. Happy splicing.


Now you may battle with you splices you made. But must all start at level 1. Pokemon sprites will be chosen by me for to be choosing how much experience that sprite gets if beaten and will give them attacks for it to be fair.pokemon will be shown below by theyre owners.














ditto dude








Neon-Eyes Heavenly God Dragon:



Jarod B:



Shadow Dude64:





Ill be the judge for the battle. PM me if you want to challenge someone. It may be a while to pm you back. So give it all you got.


Now now you can go to the move shop on this club page.

Each time you win a battle, you get battle points, then spend them at the pokemon move shop.

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Ok' date=' time to bring out my pride and joy. I present: Hivasting. (The male evolution of Combee. The left is normal, the right is shiny.)


A splice of Vespiquen, Blaziken, Armaldo, Paras, and Hitmonlee.


Whoa. That's awesome. That's WAY better than mine. Good Job! You win for sure!


Thanks. I doubt I'll ever be able to pull of something like that ever again, though. That was a one-in-a-millon shot sprite that started as an accident.

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I dont know what dark vortex is talking about. I just browsed all the pages of the club and organization, and then I thought 'I should open a club' I guess there was already one. I was reading to fast guess, sorry.

And now I see whats hes takling about, it says splicers united on his signiture.

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-Stolen club-

hey dark vortex, let me remind you that you cannot say stolen club... that's like the prez of USA saying to some other country that u cannot have a president b/c we will already have one. that is an unjustified statement. anyone can come up with an idea like this. someone else splices but not ur club, is that the reason ur saying this is a stolen club? seriously, u just can't call this a stolen club... not even a stolen idea...

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