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[align=center]This is possibly my biggest contest ever.


Contest Rules


25 cards

17 monster cards

6 spell cards

2 trap cards


Or you can do


15 monster cards

5 spell cards

5 Trap cards


It's up to you.


All monsters have to have effects

They have to be in a set

They must be balanced

Must have perfect OCG, grammar, and spelling.


They can be old, or they can be new, it's up to you


Other Rules

1. Don't spam

2. Don't double or triple post

3. Don't reserve an entry and not post cards, unless you have a reason for not posting your cards.





1st - 500 points, 3 reps

2nd - 250 points, 2 reps

3rd - 100 points

4th - A free sig or avatar with anything you want!

5th - A slap across the face





March 8th, 2008


So post your cards fast!




Reserved/Completd entries

1. Frunxmomma

2. Yankeefan07

3. bobscholtz911911

4. potato65 - Some cards in.

5. Darkthorne

6. casaditymaker





and so on...[/align]

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