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Hidden Destiny

Furious Reaper I

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this is the second time i have attempted to start a story but the first time i forgot to do the episodes.


and before anybody tries to say it this is not a carbon copy of hidden legacy and will not involve any of the characters from that story. this fic will include some characters from the original yugioh and some from gx


the first season will be 30 episodes long. the season which follows will also be 30 episodes long and the third will be the same, as will the fourth and fifth. there may be a sixth season depending on the reception of the first five.


episode 1 will be posted soon


it is called: a sign of things to come


first of i am going to introduce the characters of the story at the begining


Tyler Johnson


Main Character of the story

has 3 decks: warrior, machine and dragon

deck being used in ep1: warrior



Alex Johnstone


Best Friend of Main Character

has 2 decks: spellcaster and dark world

decks not used in ep 1


Liam Johnson


Brother of Main character

has 1 deck: machine

deck not used in ep 1



Martin Drake


Second Best of Main character

has 3 decks: power(eps 3-5), reptile (eps 6&7) and dark(partially in ep 3)

decks not used in ep 1

does not speak until the very end of episode 1




Main Recurring Villain of the story, later revealed to be just a puppet used by Armaggedon, Ruler of the Tenth Dimension (more revealed about him nearer the end of the season 1)

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tyler johnson was sat on a bench in the park near his house with his friends, alex johnstone, martin drake and his brother, liam. he was checking through his warrior deck when he heard a loud whoosh noise, so he looked up and saw a guy clad in black standing in front of them. he stands up and walks towards the guy


tyler: hey freak, either duel me or get out of this park, it's my terroritory


???: very well i will duel you


tyler: what's your name first?


mikhail: my name is mikhail and i thought you should know that i have a record of 59-6 when it comes to dueling, 59 wins and 6 defeats and the defeats were against my brother


tyler: so what i'll still beat you




TYLER: 4000



tyler: i'll go first seeing as you are trespassing. i summon dark blade in attack mode (1800/1600) and after that i set this facedown for later


mikhail: i activate wicked doctrine which allows me to remove these five cards from play and summon soulless, queen of the afterworld (5000/6000) but if she is summoned this way she must be placed in defence mode which is better for me because now you can't attack my lifepoints without going through my monster which is nigh on impossible to defeat so i'll end my turn there


tyler: i activate the spell card bladed passion which allows me to send the top 15 cards of my deck to the graveyard but if any of the dicarded cards have blade in thier name they get special summoned to the field and there are 3 so welcome to the field aqua blade (1800/1600), pyro blade (1800/1600) and posion blade (1800/1600) and due to pyro blades effect i can attack you directly with him so pyro blade attack mikhail directly


pyro blade jumped straight over soulless and stabbed mikhail in the chest


TYLER: 4000



tyler: after that i will end my turn


mikhail: i activate soulless's effect and summon her back to the field by discarding the top 5 cards of my deck [28] so welcome back soulless (5000/6000) but this time in attack mode so now soulless, my queen attack poison blade


soulles steps over the opposite field and steps on posion blade


TYLER: 0800



mikhail: seeing as i'm about to win i'll end my turn


tyler: don't be so overconfident jabroni because i am going to kick your ass and then boot you out of my park, so i activate rainbow fusion which allows me to fuse my aqua, pyro,dark, holy and poision blades to summon rainbow blade (7000/7000) and then i pay 200 lifepoints to activate my monsters effect. by paying 500 more lifepoints my monster gains 500 attack points (7500/7000) so rainbow blade attack soulless and win me this duel


rainbow blade powers up his sword and rushes at soulless, slicing it straight down the middle


TYLER: 0100



mikhail: no, how is it possible, i was so close to awakening the subconcious of the great one, i only need 1 more sacrifice to awaken the great ones mind


tyler: and who is this great one?


mikhail looks at tyler like he said something blasphemous


alex: he asked you a question mikhail now answer him


mikhail: so fiesty you are, if you want to know how the great one is, why don't you find out yourself, i call forth the great one ARMAGEDDON


mikhail is surrounded by a darkness so dark that if you looked directly at it you couldn't see anything on the other side. mikhailm would speak one last time but not as he had been speaking before the duel. the voice was a distinct booming loud voice


ARMAGEDDON: know this mortals, this was A sign of Things to some


mikhail was again enveloped in the darkness but this time he disappeared.


liam: where did he go?


tyler: i don't know bro


tyler, liam and alex walked out of the park, but martin stayed behind. he doesn't notice a guy walked up behind him. martin turned around and the guy passed him a deck. martin was surrounded by the same dark glow as mikhail and when it subsided the guy spoke to him


???: who do you serve


martin: The Great One, Armaggeddon,


???: now you will find the 60th sacrifice


martin: yes master, thy will be done.



next time: a fun duel between tyler and alex to take thier minds of the disappearace of thier friend martin and the damning words of Armageddon

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Hidden Destiny Episode 2: Distraction From the Pain


tyler was sat in the park where he had dueled mikhail 5 days when his best friend alex walked over


alex: he's still missing then is he?


tyler: yeah, noone has seen, not even his mum or dad, it's like he just vanished off the face of the earth


alex: don't talk like that tyler, he'll be found soon enough


tyler: and do you what's spooky about his dissapearance is that he disappeared about 10 minutes after i defeated that mikhail guy


alex slaps tyler


alex: snap out of it, it's not your fault thats he's gone missing. that was an awesome duel against mikhail but it has nothing to do with him going missing. you said it yourself he went missing AFTER the duel, not during it


tyler: thanks for that, and thanks for keeping me sane for the last five days and making sure i didn't do anything stupid


alex: no prob. i just i could have a duel like the one you had against mikhail


tyler: why don't you then, duel me, it'll take our minds off martin for a while


alex: do you remember our last duel tyler


tyler: yeah i nearly lost but i pulled the win out of nowhere


alex and tyler put thier duel disks on and activate them.


alex: get ready to lose tyler


tyler: in your dreams alex




tyler: i'll go first and summon elemental hero clayman in defence mode (0800/2000) and then i set this card face down for later


alex: is that it?


tyler: yeah


alex: right then it's my move and i summon skilled dark magician in attack mode (1900/1700) and then i activate the spell card The A. Forces which gives warriors on my side of the field a 200 attack point boost for every spellcaster and warrior on the field and my skilled dark magician gets a counter due to his effect and then i activate ookazi which deals 800 points of damage directly to your life points


TYLER: 3200

ALEX: 4000


alex: and it also gives my skilled dark magician a second counter, after that i set this for later


tyler:my move so i activate polymerization and fuse the clayman on the field with the bubbleman in my hand to summon elemental hero mudballman in defence mode (1900/3000)


alex: my skilled dark maigician gets a third counter


tyler: so what? i end my turn


alex: i activate my monster special ability and tibute it with the three counters to special summon the dark magician (2500/2100) in attack mode and then i activate double summon which allows me to summon another spellcaster type so welcome dark magician girl (2000/1600) in attack mode and then i tribute both of my spellcasters to summon soceror of dark magic (3200/2500) now my soceror attack mudballman


tyler: no damage because he was in defence mode


alex: i will end my turn, this is a fun duel isn't it tyler


tyler:yeah it is but now it's over because i have drawn the card that i need to beat you i activate graceful charity, draw these 3 cards (watapon, pot of greed and black luster soldier - envoy of the beginning) and then discard these two (watapon and pot of greed), after that i activate removal of the darkness which allows me to send 1 dark attribute monster from my deck to the graveyard (dark necrofear) and then i remove watapon and dark necrofear from play to special summon black luster soldier - envoy of the beginning in attack mode (3000/2500) and then i equip him the axe of despair, increasing his attack points by 1000 to 4000, no BLS attack SODM





tyler: and my monster can attack again because i destroyed a monster this turn so BLS attack alex directly and end this duel


TYLER: 3200

ALEX: 0000


alex: great duel tyler


from the shadows a voice was heard


????: yes well done tyler, that proves to me that you are worthy of becoming the 60th sacrifice


tyler: mikhail? not you again


????: i am not mikhail but someone closer to you


martin steps from the shadow where the voice was coming from


tyler: no no no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


martin: yes it is me, your friend but more powerful thanks to my dark world deck so tyler, get ready to duel


alex: no i will duel in his place


martin: you don't posses enough duel energy to be useful but nonetheless i will duel you




Martin: 4000

Alex: 4000



NEXT TIME: alex and martins duel gets underway and soon alex is conered, can she fight back and win. find out next time.

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thought i should tell all the people will eventually read my fic that the guy from the beginning, mikhail will be returning in episode 6 to team up with martin in a tag duel.


also episode 6 will see the arrival of 2 recurring characters, but the only clue i am going to give you now is that they are from yugioh gx


it could be zane truesdale and jaden yuki or jaden yuki and jesse anderson. i haven't decided yet.

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Hidden Destiny Episode 3: The Binding Shadows



martin: i'll go first and summon Zure, Knight of Dark World (1800/1500)


alex: you're not even going to set a card


martin: no i am not, now make your move


alex: i summon skilled dark magician and i think i will have him attack your zure


skilled dark magician powers up a blast and fires at zure destorying him


ALEX: 4000 MARTIN: 3900


alex: and then i activate swords of revealing light so that you can't attack even after you summon a monster and my skilled dark magician gets a counter


a red orb starts to orbit skilled dark magician


alex: that'll do for me, your turn martin


martin: i know its my turn so shut up and let me do my turn, firstly i activate the spell corridor to dark world to bring back my Zure (1800/1500)


alex: my magician gets a second counter


martin: can you shut up for a minute whilst i finish my turn


alex: no, and why should i?


martin: fine then, i activate the spell card axe of despair and equip it to my Zure


alex: third counter


martin: yeah but you can't use because i think i will have my monster attack yours


Zure pulls out his sword and runs at skilled dark magician and slices him in half


ALEX: 3100 MARTIN: 3900


martin: your move


alex: i activate trap booster, allowing me to activate ultimate offering from my hand and then i pay 1000 life points to summon dark magician and dark magician girl (2500/2100),(2000/1700) in attack mode


ALEX: 2100 MARTIN: 3900


alex: and then i activate magic formula giving my dark magician a 500 attack point boost (3000/2100) and because he is stronger than Zure, i'll have attack your monster


dark magician powers up and fires at zure


ALEX: 2100 MARTIN: 3700


alex: and now my Dark Magician Girl will attack you directly


ALEX: 2100 MARTIN: 1700


in the background, tyler was thinking to himself about this duel and what it could mean for his friendship with martin if he hurt alex in anyway.


liam walks into the park and over to tyler


liam: what's going on here bro?


tyler: martin's been corrupted into darkness and alex is dueling him to try and get him to snap out of it and at the moment she is winning but just barely


martin: my move now, i activate the spell dark sacrifice and remove from play my sillva, warlord of dark world and gren, tactician of dark world to summon Reign-Beaux, Overlord of Dark World (2500/1800), now my overlord attack dark magician girl


ALEX: 1600 MARTIN: 1700


tyler: and now she is losing again, i got a bad feeling about this duel now


liam: don't worry bro, alex still has the strongest monster


tyler: yeah but that doesn't mean a thing because martin could summon a more powerful monster


alex: i activate premature burial to bring back my dark magician girl


martin: but at the cost of 800 more lifepoints


ALEX: 0800 MARTIN: 1700


alex: and then i will have my dark magician attack your reign beaux


ALEX: 0800 MARTIN: 1200


alex: now dark magician girl end this duel


martin: not quite because by discarding armagostic, lord of the tenth dimension from my hand i can end your battle phase and your turn, it's my turn now so i activate a shadowy summoning and discard the top 15 cards of my deck to summon armagos, mercenary of the tenth dimension (2900/2900) and he's got a brilliant effect. he lets me choose the top five cards of my graveyard, remove them from play and then for every monster i remove he gains 200 attack points and i see 5 monsters so he gains 1000 attack points (3900/2900) and now armagos attack dark magician, and i should warn you that this attack will knock you out cold


armagos lowers his gun towards dark magician and fires, the resulting explosion sendiing alex 2 foot backwards into a tree.


ALEX: 0000 MARTIN: 1200


martin: i win


he turns around only to walk into a punch in the face from liam


liam: you're cold hearted


in the floor martin is holding a broken nose


martin: you will pay for this when i beat you in a duel


liam: no thanks i don't want to duel a cold hearted person like you


martin: either you duel me or you kiss goodbye to your friends soul


he points at the unconcious form of alex and something green and mystic starts to rise out of her


liam: fine i will duel you but only as long as you don't take her soul afterwards


martin: if not her soul then whose soul wiil i take if i beat you


liam: you can have my soul


tyler: no liam, don't do this


liam: i am sorry brother but i have to


he pushes tyler out of the way and activates his duel disk, martin does the same




MARTN: 4000 LIAM: 4000



next time: the soul or no soul duel between martin and liam begins and soon liam has martin near defeat but then martin summons his strongest monster. does liam stand a chance against this new card?


find out next time on Hidden Destiny

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Hidden Destiny Episode Four: He's Lost to the Shadows


liam: i will go first and activate the art of summoning spell card, to remove this cyber dragon in my hand from play top summon another to the field (2100/1600)


martin: good move but not good enough because i activate the runestone power spell card so that by discarding for cards in my deck that have some sort of connection with the tenth dimension i can summon armageous, rider of the tenth dimension (2100/2100) and he gains 100 attack points for every monster in my graveyard so he gains 400 points (2500/2100), now my rider attack his monster


LIAM: 3600 MARTIN: 4000


liam: right then and because of your monster's effect i have to discard 3 cards to the graveyard and then i activate overload fusion and remove from play the four machines in my graveyard to summon chimeratech overdragon (?/?) and what's good about this monster is that it gains 800 attack points for every monster used in its fusion and it attack as many as the number of monsters used, so i now a monster on the field with 3200 attack points that can attack four times in one battle phase, so overdragon attack his rider


LIAM: 3600 MARTIN: 3300


liam: and now attack him directly


LIAM: 3600 MARTIN: 0100


tyler was stood watching this duel in awe because his brother liam had just effectively won in the duel on his second turn.


tyler: go on bro you can do this


liam: thanks tyler, now my overdragon attack him for the third and final time


martin: not quite because i activate my rider's special ability which can only be activated after the owner of the card has been attacked directly on the turn that the monster was destroyed. this effect is that i am allowed to activate a trap from my hand and i choose negate attack which means not only is your monster's attack stopped your battle phase is also ended


liam: fine then i'll set a card and end my turn


martin: bad move because i activate my rider's second ability and remove it from play to summon armaggando, executioner of the tenth dimesion (3000/3000) in attack mode and he gains 1000 attack points for every tenth dimension monster removed from play so he gains 1000 extra attack points (4000/3000) now attack chimeratech overdragon


LIAM: 2800 MARTIN: 0100


martin: also my monster's effect takes half of the monster attacks that it destroyed and deducts from the opponent's life points


LIAM: 1200 MARTIN: 0100


martin: and with that i end my turn


liam: i activate my trap chaotic rupture which allows me to return three monster that are out of play to the field so i choose my 3 cyber dragons and then i activate spell economice so i don't to pay any lifepoints damage from spell cards, after that i activate power bond to fuse my three cyber dragons and form a cyber end dragon with 8000 attack points, now my cyber end dragon attack his executioner


martin: i don't think so becaue i activate my monster's effect and that is that when a monster with 8000 or more attack points attack it it gains half of that monster's attack points which gives it 8000 points meaning both of our monster are destroyed


liam: fine i end my turn


martin: i remove from play the top 10 cards of my deck and the contents of my graveyard to special summon armageddon's prdigy(6000/1700) in defence


liam: you summoned a 6000 attack points in defence mode


martin: yes because this monster cannot be summoned in attack mode or it would be destroyed and then because it was a special summon i can sacrifice to return the 25 cards to the graveyard and summon armageddon, ruler of the tenth dimension (0/0)


liam: it's got 0 attack points


martin: yes but not for long because i select the top eight cards of my graveyard and remove them from play and if any are monster, the great one gets 1000 points and i see 7 monsters out of 8 cards so armageddon gets 7000 attack points (7000/0) now oh mghty one attack liam directly


tyler and liam at the same time: oh crap


the blast hits liam full in the face and in the aftermath sucks his soul from his body


LIAM: 0000 MARTIN: 0100


martin turns around and walks away as tyler greives over his brother's soulless body. alex wakes up with her back again a tree. she sees tyler atood over what looked to her an unconcious liam.

she walked over but when she got closer, she saw that it was liam but he wasn't unconcious or dead. he had lost his soul


alex: did martin do this?


tyler: yes alex he did and when i next see him i am going to kill him




next time: will tyler carry out his threat when he sees martin in the park once more, a few days after he was last there and why was there a helicopter comin towards the park.


find out next time on Hidden Destiny

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Plot: Not that bad. 7 /10.

Spelling: Somewhat decent. 6 / 10.

Grammar: Punctuation and comma is what this story needs. Also, capitalization. 2 / 10.

Characters: Ok. 5 / 10.

Description: Very, very bad. 1 / 10.


Overall rating: 4,2 / 10. Could be a lot better.

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Episode 5: Draught of the elements


Tyler was walking towards the park when he saw martin or at least someone who looked like him so he punched him only for his fist to sink through.


Justin: i am not the one you seek, my name is justin jones and i will bring forth the apocalsype of this planet by summoning the great one.


Tyler: you're another lunatic following this armageddon guy aren't you?.


Justin: how dare you speak the name of the great one, i shall prove that there is no stopping the great one by defeating you in a duel.


a helicopter flew over the park and landed in the middle of the two duelists, out stepped jaden yuki and jesse anderson.


Jesse: i'll deal with this guy, you step back tyler


Tyler: how the hell do you know my name?.


Jaden: we know everything about you Tyler, and don't worry jesse knows what he is doing.




Jesse: I'll go first and summon my good friend Crystal Beast Amber Mammoth (1700/1600) and then i set this card and end my turn.


Justin: i suppose it was a good move but mine will be better because i summon Draught of the Wind (1700/1700) and then i activate the spell card Power Draught to increase it's attack points by 1000 to 2700, now my Draught attack Amber Mammoth


JESSE: 3000 JUSTIN: 4000


Justin: with that i will end my turn


Jesse: my turn, i activate the spell crystal show, this card allows me to place one more crystal in my spell and trap card zone and then i activate my trap gem snare to destroy your monster and summon Sapphire Pegasus (1800/1200), now my pegasus attack him directly


JESSE: 3000 JUSTIN: 2200


Jesse: i will end my turn there.


Justin: i activate Draught Summon to summon Draught of the Light (2500/2500), Draught of the Darkness (3200/1200), Draught of the Fire (1200/3100) and Draught of the Water (3000/2100) and then i activate Draught Revival to bring back Draught of the Wind (2700/1700), following that i activate Draught Fusion and fuse all five monsters to Create, Draught of the Elements (3700/0), now Draught of the Elements Attack Sapphire Peagsus


JESSE: 0100 JUSTIN: 2200


Tyler: from here it looks like he is going to lose


Jaden: trust me jesse won't fail


Jesse: I Activate Final Hope of the Rainbow and summon my ultimate monster, Rainbow Dragon (4000/0) and i also summon Emerald Tortoise (0600/2000) and Ruby Carbuncle (0300/0300) and then i activate United We Stand and equip it to Rainbow Dragon, Increasing it's Attack Points to 6400 now my dragon attack his draught of the elements


JESSE: 0100 JUSTIN: 0000


Justin: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


the blast is so powerful it knocks Jesse, Jaden and Tyler off thier feet and completely blows Justin apart because he isn't human, just a being of darkness.


Jaden: well that's that for now


Mikhail and Martin Appear in Black Clouds.


Mikhail: not quite, we challenge you to a tag duel for your souls


Jesse: i am too drained to do it


Tyler: that's fine, i'll take your place.






next time on hidden destiny




will jaden and tyler triupmh (not sure how to spell this) in the ultimate for thier souls? find out when i next update this

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