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Human Robot Contest [50 points and easy reps] No more entries...

The Dark Master

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Well, now I'm hosting 2 contests at once lol...Ok, since my other contest wasn't that popular, I have decided to host another.


The rules are simple...:


1) The card has to be about a robot in a human shape.

2) You must post the cards image with the card itself [if you don't, you are disqualified][i will use pictures to create my own card]

3) Nothing inapropriate, or overpowered.

4) You can create an unlimited amount of entries [minimum 2], but they all have to be in a set.

5) The deadline is Feb 19 , 2008 - NOW

6) Have fun!!!



PRIZES [the part everyone wants to read]:

1st place - 3 reps and 50 points

2nd place - 2 reps and 10 points

3rd place - 1 rep and 1 point


Do not be mad if I don't hand out the prizes right away, I will hand them out eventually.


Reserved Entries:



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Read his first post before you pointlessly spam. -_-


Here are my entries, from the anime series Dragonball Z. *shrugs* if I have time later, I may post some better ones. Juuchachigou and Juunanagou mean Eighteen and Seventeen respectively, their code names. Jinzoningen means artificial human.





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k' date=' dont ferget the pics...u can pm em to me after the contest i guess.



You might also want to read everything else posted in the thread, aside from the main post. Especially when you posted it. -_-

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I don't care if it's been done before, it was the first thing I could think of!!!




Effect of last card:

This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card cannot be Special Summoned except by Tributing a monster with "Copy X" in its card name on your side of the field. This card gains the following effects, based on the card used to Special Summon this card.

-Copy X: If this card destroys a monster by battle, decrease the ATK of this card by 500 and increase your Life Points by 200.

-Copy X MK-II: If this card is destroyed, you may pay 2000 Life Points to Special Summon 1 "Copy X" from your Graveyard and halve its original ATK.

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si...and ixigo' date=' i had it modified for ppls benefit, read the txt before u post...i editted it b4 i posted -.-...waittamenut...ur the guy who got me banned for 3 months for no apparent reason -_-...





I... certainly don't remember me banning anyone, especially considering... I cannot ban people O_o.

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Oh, that.


First of all, you didn't hand out the prizes BUT you did appear online quite often.


Second, after I asked why you weren't giving them, you claimed you would shortly. You didn't.


I gave you a fully justified negative reputation for that.


You responded with a flurry of reputations out of spite.


I had them promptly removed.


Then, without further provocation, you kept giving me negative reputations massively.


I reported you, and though I did not further delve into the issue, it appears that you were banned.


I didn't "get you banned". It is the Moderator's decision who gets or does not get banned. I merely asked for your constant neg-repping to stop, and it was dealt with, so I was satisfied.


And to be clear, in my opinion, the above is a fairly decent reason to get you banned.

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