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Yugioh Dynon Tournament Chapter 6-Girl Power


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Previously, Chase and Randy Dueled to see who was the superior sibling, unfortunately Randy lost to Chases overwhelming BLUE EYES ULTIMATE DRAGON, and lost, but now it is time for the next round to begin....



Master:Alright the next to duelists are 2 and 7, Hillary Sharpay VS. Linda Turner

Linda-Wow, this outa be easy, I mean, the only reason this no brain duelist in this tournament is because her dad is so rich, she may have some of the strongest monsters in the game, but I have got my harpies

Hillary-Alright, can't we just say that I am the winner and get all of this over with, I mean really we all know who is going to win

Linda-Oh, will you just shut up, I mean it s anyones duel,

Hillary-No, its not, my daddy bought me all the best cards in the world, I mean this is just an overkill deck, my dad bought me

Linda-Oh well, lets just get this overwith


Hillary and Linda-DUEL




Linda-I will start off, draw, ha, now lets see what you think of this, I summon my Harpie Lady 1(ATK/1300), and as long as she is on the field all my Harpies gain 300 ATK


HARPIE LADY 1300 + 300= 1600


Linda-Now with that done, I place one card face down on the field and end my turn

Hillary-You call that a turn, god, well, I activate the spell Scapegoat, now I get 4 tokens, and I will like totally end my turn

Linda-Ok, my turn, its time to make some damage, I summon my Harpie Lady (ATK/1300), now I activate Elegant Egotist, now I tribute my Harpie to bring out Harpie Lady Sisters(ATK/1950), but do not forget my Harpie Lady 1 to increase all Harpies by 300 ATK


Harpie Lady Sisters-1950 + 300= 2250


Linda-Now, Harpie Lady Sisters and Harpie Lady, ATTACK HER FIRST TWO SCAPEGOATS, now I end my turn

Hillary-Alright, now I like activate Card Destruction, now we both discard our hands and draw the same amount of cards we discarded, and now I summon Deep Diver(DEF/1100) in defense mode, and then I end my turn.

Linda-Ok, my turn, I draw and activate Premature Burial, I simply pay 800 life points to return my Harpie Lady(ATK/1300 + 300= 1600),to the playing field, and now I summon my Harpie Lady 2(ATK/1300 + 300 = 1600), now my 3 harpie ladies go destroy the last 2 scapegoats and the Deep Diver

Hillary-When Deep Diver is destroyed, he dives deep within my deck and alloows me to place any Monster on top of my deck and I choose EXODIA THE FORBIDDEN ONE

Linda-What no way you have exodia in your deck, oh well, I end my turn

Hillary-(Alright, so far I have been lucky enough to draw 4 peices of Exodia, and with another Deep Diver in my hand, all she has to do is destroy it and I can place 1 monster on the top of my deck, but first I am going to have to survive this turn)Ok, draw, now I activate my Wall Of Revealing Light, now I pay 2000 life points and now your monsters need more the 2000 ATK, to even attack, now I set a monster and end my turn




Linda-Alright, draw, I activate the spell Mystical Space Typhoon, to destroy your precious wall,

Hillary-What, no

Linda-YES, now I attack your monster with my Harpie Sisters(ATK/2250),

Hillary-Deep Diver is destroyed, now I can place the last exodia peice at the top of the deck


Hillary-No how could this be, I was about to draw the last peice of Exodia and when

Linda-Oh, well good game

Hillary-I don't need your sympathy, I am leaving this damn place

Master-Thank Goodness, that is over, now for the final round of the First Round, (AND ONE MORE STEP TO THE WORLDS END)


TO BE CONTINUED...........

Please, leave comments and rate, and be sure to check out the 5 previous chapters, they are much better than this!

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