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"Smoking, Don't Do It" CS1

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The Box is bad. But at least it gives a good message. DONT START SMOKING! IT SHOULD BE AGAINST THE LAW!


1000000000000000% AGREE WITH YOU!!! I H8 IT!!!! IT KILLS TOO MANY PEOPLE!!!!!!! END SMOKING!!!!!! soz for yelling...





Oh, I apologise, that was my personal n00bdetector :P

It rings every time something awfully idiot is said :)

First. Basher. No law can hold against smoking - you won't belive how damn rich do people get of it. It simply CANNOT be taken rid of. The whole point that warnings are written is a great thing. :\

And zachy, I sense that your opinion will change. I am sorry.


Graphic? I don't like it, tbh. Especially sinse all the cigarette boxes I know are white. :|.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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