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Graphics Contest. 500 points, with runners-up.

Draco Straybyrn

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Step right up, ladies and gents. That's right, a plain-ol' graphics contest. I give you criteria, you make me graphics. No, not custom images. No, not finding pics for cards. Genuine bona fide graphics. Multiple ones, at that. There are rewards, of course.


Rating Scales:


Render Quality: X/10

Background Complexity/Quality: X/10

Font Matching: X/10

Palette Choice (All colors used are in multiple places and blend well): X/10

Border uniqueness: X/10

Overall Appeal: X/20


Total Average (X/70, Divided by 7): X/10




Images must be between 500 x 150 and 250 x 750 px. Smaller is better.

Images must be along the theme of The Wheel of Time. I don't care if you haven't heard of it, read up.

Images must have a border. (Use the one in my Sora sig for an idea of how to do a neat one.)

Images must have a render, but no more than two.

One must say Candoria. One must say Entropy. One must say Rahvin. One must say Rainpelt.

The backgrounds must be reasonably complex and eye-pleasing, but not the focal point.

The images should have good balance and flow.


I reserve the right to add restrictions, requirements, and awards at will. I also reserve the right to refute entries.


Extra Credit/Ways to earn a higher score:

Provide links to editable versions of the files, preferably saved in photoshop format. Photoshop not required, but apprciated.

Provide copies of each with no text.



1st Place: 500 points and 3 reps.

Runner-Ups: 50 points and 1 rep apiece.


Get to it. They're due by the 16th at 7PM PST.

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