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YU-GI-OH the dueling age


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"Cyberdark Dragon attack his Cyber Dragon" said a man with a red cloak on. As the other man LP hit 0 he said "fine here is the card". The man gave a Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon to the other guy. "Hahaha" said the man with the red cloak. The guy with the cloak punched the other guy hard in the face making blood going all over the place. The guy with the cloak on said "You are so weak". "..Uh.....why did...you do......that" said the other guy blood on his face?" "BECAUSE NOW SHUT UP" said the guy with the cloak! He picked the guy up and punched him then put him down. "Now did that help" said the guy with the cloak? Then after that he left. A guy came in and said "who was that guy did you know his name"? "Yes....his......name.....was..........Ch......Chazz" said the guy. "Chazz are you sure Zane" said the guy? "Yes" said Zane.






So there I made all the people have some different cards but all there cards that are used in the show are in here.

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Chazz walked into a room all covered in red. "I got Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon for you" said Chazz. "Thanks my servant" said a odd looking guy. "So anything else" said Chazz? "No you can go" said the guy. When Chazz was out of the room the guy said to himself "HAHAHA I got Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon now nobody can beat me". Meanwhile "Jaden Jaden" said a boy. When the guy didn't wake up the boy yelled "JADEN". Jaden woke up. "What Cyrus I was sleeping" said Jaden? "Zane my bro got beat up by Chazz" said Cyrus. "WHAT why didn't you wake me up early" said Jaden geting up. Then they heard something outside. When they got out there they saw a guy laughing. "Hey what are you doing here" yelled Jaden! "Because I wanted to fight you" said the guy. "Fine let duel" said Jaden.






So how was that and start posting this is 3 years from this season.

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