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New Zombie Swarm


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21 Monsters:


3| Despiar from the Dark


2| Curse of Vampire

3| Il Blud

3| Ryu Kokki

2| Vampire Lord


2| Double coston

3| Pyramid Turtle


2| Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower

1| Spirit Reaper


16 Spells:


2| Call of the Mummy

2| Card of Safe Return

2| Foolish Burial

1| Heavy Storm

3| Monster Gate

1| Mystical Space Typhoon

2| Reasoning

1| Smashing Ground

1| Trade-In

1| Lightning Vortex


3 Traps:


1| Mirror Force

2| Royal Decree[/i]

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I can see what you were TRYING to do, but honestly it won't work. Just stick with the standard Zombie Swarm.


-3 Despair from the Dark

-2 Call of the Mummy

-2 Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower

-2 Curse of Vampire

-2 Vampire Lord

-2 Double Coston

-2 Il Blud

-3 Reasoning

-2 Monster Gate

-1 Trade-In

-1 Foolish Burial


+3 Zombie Master

+3 Goblin Zombie

+2 Giant Rat

+1 Sangan

+1 Breaker the Magical Warrior

+1 Snipe Hunter

+1 Card Trooper

+3 Book of Life

+1 Card of Safe Return

+2 Creature Swap

+1 Premature Burial

+1 Lightning Vortex

+1 Torrential Tribute

+1 Call of the Haunted


It should run more smoothly now, but honestly, how could you forget stuff like Zombie Master and Book of Life?

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how could you forget Zombie Master and Goblin Zombie?


I didn't FORGET them, I just didn't include them. Trust me, this deck works. Insanely. Monster Gate a weakling, get out Despair, Ryu Kokki, Il Blud etc. I also can Call of the Mummy my High-levels. Royal Decree speaks for itself, and after they find out it's a zombie deck, reasoning,they pick 3 or 4, due to he Zombie's reputation, and when I get 2 Il Bluds out, forget about winning.

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or you could attack your opponent's monster with pyramid turtle to special summon Ryu from your deck, or creature swap for your opponent's monster to attack your PT and get Ryu to attack directly.



seriously man, i run zombies, and your deck is not a good zombie deck.

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