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Local tournement report

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Yesterday i attended my local store to take part in the tournement. I was running my sacred pheniox quick play deck heres the report.


Round 1 (vs Matt (Zombie))

I know Matt very well as he is in my class at college. He got the first turn and summoned zombie master and discarded pyramid to bring it back. He also put a couple of face downs. I MST one face down (bottomless) played maurading and hand and summoned pheniox. I then smashing and fissured hes monsters, set one face down attacked for 2400. Basically the whole duel went like this i managed to get another pheniox. 1-0 to me


In the second round he went first again and set one monster. I double summoned and 2 maurading cap and 2 hands, summoned 2 phenioxs. I then nobleman his face down. Atk for 4800. He looked at top card and scooped.


Round 2 (vs Trev (LaDd))

Trev is the store owner so i didnt think i had a chance. He proved this to me by annilating me in both duels


Round 3 (vs Mark)

Mark wanted to play but he had to go home so i won by default.


Round 4 (vs Ben (Macro Monarchs))

Ben was a tournement regular and we had dueled on many occasions hwever this time we were running different decks. I got 1st turn and set a mystic tomato and mirror. He played dimensional fissure and survivor. In the 1st round i managed to summon pheniox but got bonuced by raiza. 0-1


IN second round i started much better by summoning pheniox straight away and setting a bribe and torrential. He summoned cyber dragon and smashing my pheniox. He then summoned survivor and i torrentialed. He set 1 face down and ended. I reminded him that it would be destroyed but he let me continue. basically i summoned 2 phenioxs and owned him. 1-1


In third round i destroyed him basically by torrential when he summoned raiza and my 3 phenioxs. attacked directly 3 times and with tomato.


Round 5 (vs Dave (Apprentice circle))

Now both me and Dave knew a win would guarntee us a place in the knockouts. He started and played 1 face down and set a monster. I nobleman his face down, mst his trap and summoned maurading and hand and summoned pheniox. He couldnt come back from the direct attack 1-0


This was a very close duel with me at 1000 and him at 2200 i managed to draw MST to destroy his face down (which turned out be mirror force) and smashing his raiza. I then summoned maruading and hand for pheniox and attacked for game.


Quarter Finals (vs Ben (again))

My second match against Ben turn out to be a riduclous affair where he didnt draw 1 monster for the first game, no magics in the second so i went foward to the semis


Semi Finals (vs Trev (again))

I almost died when i drew Trev in the finals but i thought u never know. Both games were very close but i managed to get the perfect draw each time i had beaten the 3 times local tournement winner! On to the finals!


Finals (vs Harry (Tomato Toolbox))

I had never played Harry before but had seen him play and he had done well in tournements before. I started with a face down apprentice magaician, mirror force and shrink. He played mystic tomato and attacked my apprentice i summoned hand. Next turn i played maurading and summoned tomato. I sacced tomato and hand for pheniox then prematured my hand for another pheniox. Smashing his tomato and attacked for 4800. He set 2 cards and monster. I attacked he mirror forced. main 2 i set a tomato. He sacced his face down for raiza and bounced my shrink. attacked my tomato and i summoned another tomato. My turn i bought back my 2 phenioxs and played the fissure i drew. 1-0 to me


Next duel went the same but his raiza survived and managed to wipe me out with him at 1300 lp. 1-1


The final game started badly for me with him attacking me directly with raiza. I came back with 2 phenioxs and smashing his raiza. He then vortexed my phenioxs and summone tomato and attacked me directly (me 4200 lp him 3200 lp). He also set one card. I drew and bought phenioxs back and attacked his tomato he summoned another and i attacked again he summoned another tomato. (him 1200lp) he looked at top card and scooped.


I had won my first tournement and for the first time monarchs werent in the deck that won. In my prize i got a few supers (in the phantom darkness pack) but nothing that good.

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lol locals


Jeez' date=' stop harping people who go to locals >_> maybe some people don't want to go to a big tourny like SJC or Regionals. Or can't go for that matter



I don't give a damn if people go to locals. I go to locals. I just don't brag about it like the Topic Creator does.



OK, the way you posted it, it sounded like you don't like people who go to locals, I apologize.

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