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Revival Monster PROMO---NEW CARD ADDED

Glorious eXcess

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explain.....i got 9s all around on my other thread......"methinks"


it seems long because of the destroying of the 2000 or less ATK mnster, and the attribute jammer, so it aint too over powered...the revivals are mutated creatures which get even more mutated as they come in and out of play.....like my other thread said (i rhymed again).....also, it has a downside effect because when the revivas are with the battlefield and with my "Duopod" equip-continuous spell, it attax 0nce directly, then ya have its atk to 500, and it attax again, and halve it again, and it attax directly with 250....again with 125, etc, then the cycle repeat itself each turn.


thax though


that was for, um, whashisace, um, the kyubiidude....



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LOLZ....i know, im a diehard naruto fan.....but ok, thanx Kyubbi


gee, i hate when im in the middle of a post, and sum1 else posts...grrrr....and soul, i never copied any1, because the dual card effect has to do with a spell, while mine is a dual COLOR card, so, um, it technically not copying....exept for design (which i didn;t do that well), because teh total point of the spell cardness was so that it compliments the green birdish thing


(yes its a bird)

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