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CED vs Raigeki break.

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okay. i need some backup here.


i'm playing my exodia deck right? okay.


my Mystic Tomato is destroyed by opponent's Slate Warrior.


i use MT's effect to summon the Right Leg of Exodia.


opponent activates Raigeki Break to destroy Exodia's leg.


as a chain, i activate Compulsory Evacuation Device, to return the Leg to my hand.



Now, what happens? does Raigeki Break destroy the Leg? or does the Leg return to my hand???


Please give me some info here.

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No, he doesn't get the card back.


This is how the chain resolves:


1. Player A activates Raigeki Break. He discards the card, as this is a COST, independant to the EFFECT.

2. Player B chains Compulsory Evactuation Device. The targeted card is returned to the hand.

3. Player A's Raigeki Break resolves, but as it has no target its' effect disappears.

4. Seeing as the discard is a COST, it must still be paid.


It would be different if you had, say, Magic Jammer'd Graceful Charity: seeing as the discard is part of the effect in that case, it doesn't resolve.

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