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How much would you pay for these Fan-made Tin

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1.Which tin do you want and do you think it's the best tin ever made,

2. is it worthy of yugi,kaiba and joey

3. how much willing you payand how much do you think it should sell for.


Joey Wheeler Tin


follow the link to see



In this tin you get 18 never release cards and 1 rule book,15 extra cards and 1 main deck,1 fusion deck.


Seto Kaiba's tin

follow the link to see



In this tin you get 9 never been released cards,1 rule book,15 extra cards for a side deck,1 main deck and a fusion deck. Limited release tins shall get (melody of calling dragon and alpha wave emission in replace for united we stand and wall of revealing light.)


Yugi motou tin


follow the link to see



in this tin you get access to 6 never been release cards,1 rule book,1 main deck,1 side deck, and 1 fusion deck.

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not much' date=' they aren't that good decks to say the truth.



so you wouldnt buy a tin with an automatic Crush Card Virus in it, when the original Crush Card Virus is worth around 1000 USD?



other than a few cards (CCV, Jinzo, etc) these decks are terrible.

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as a deck they aint good but for certain cards i would buy liek 3 of each lol


I think you should try out the deck first,before you pass judgment.


I suggest people also look at the un-release cards to see what their getting in this not just release,theirs a link right below the decks that would tell you the effects of all these un-released cards.


Also I'm still waiting for prices.

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