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Need characters for my fan fic idea

The Oncoming Storm

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But i already said, i have deck ideas, i just need character ideas. Like this:


Name: (insert name here)

Age: (insert age here)

Personality: (insert personality here)

Dorm: (insert dorm here)


About this, the dorms, instead of being Obelisk, Ra, and Slifer, will be Raviel, Hamon, and Uria, respectively.


Hopefully i don't need to explain how personality works. Just Insert a character from either Yugioh or Yugioh GX.


Duel Academy staff will be:


Yugi Mutou-Chancellor

Joey Wheeler-Vice Chancellor

Jaden Yuki/Syrus Truesdale-Co Professors-Uria Red Dorm

Bastion Misawa/Tyranno Hassleberry-Co Professors-Hamon Yellow Dorm

Alexis Rhodes/Zane Truesdale-Co Professors-Raviel Blue Dorm

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I've managed to make a couple of charachter ideas. Here they are:


Name: Adon Banner (son of Prof. Lyman Banner)

Age: 18

Personality: Bastion Misawa/Zane Truesdale

Dorm: Raviel Blue

Deck: Neo-Spacians/Elemental Hero Neos

Duel Spirit: Neo-Spacian Aqua Dolphin

Best Card: Elemental Hero Chaos Neos


Name: Tobias Phoenix (son of Aster Phoenix)

Age: 15

Personality: Chazz Princeton

Dorm: Hamon Yellow

Deck: D-Hero/Six Samurai

Duel Spirit: Great Shogun Shien

Best Cards: Dragoon D-END, Great Shogun Shien

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