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>> Cyber_Commander's First Contest! << Finished, and results posted.

Saiba Aisu

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Hey, everyone! Well, I thought I'd go ahead and host a Contest, so here we are! It would have been classic if I could end it on Valentine's Day, but that is too short notice, I suppose. The Contest will end February 20, 2008 at 12:00 a.m. (midnight). You have a week's notice, so I hope that is alright. Here are the Contest Requirements:


♥ You must make 2 Effect Monster Cards, 2 Spell Cards, and 1 Trap Card.


♥ The selected cards must be somehow connected (doesn't matter how, just don't be random)


♥ The cards must all fit the theme of my most recent set of cards, Tragic Romance, which I am preparing to release soon (hopefully!). In this case, try romantic anime images, etc. Keep them appropriate.


♥ A warning, I am very, very picky when it comes to images, so don't feel down if I reject you outright-it just means you need to improve a bit.




1st Place: 3 Reputation Points and 15 Points (At least 1 of your card(s) or card image(s) will be used in my set).


2nd Place: 2 Reputation Points and 10 Points (1 of your pictures/effects will be used in my set).


3rd Place: 50 Points (1 of your images or card ideas might be used in my Set).


Below are some examples of my Set (so you can get a feel for what to look for):









Good Luck to everyone!

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Long time no see, Cyber... I remember these cards, too bad that fanfic didn't work out... anyway, since I actually did finish that (a few days late, but oh well), I have a lot of relevant cards, so once I decide which ones to use and find the pictures, I'll enter them here.

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My I had a message hidden in my cards. Most of them are based on risky effects' date=' because I feel that love itself is a risk. To find the one person out of all the rest that you can live with forever, or to believe it so and be mistaken.



Thats so deep... and really is a good definition... but some thing i can't do is to take risks... ARGH!!!!!!!!

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