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Strike of Neos first two packs for me opened

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The first pack I opened had one of the best level 4 monsters I had ever laid eyes on called:

Gene - Warped Warwolf- Super Rare - [ATK:2000 - DEF:100] no effect. YAY!

The other cards that were in it were:

Electric Virus

Radiant Spirit

Raging Earth

Shiens Castle of Mist

The Six Samurai - Nisashi

Emblem of the Awakening

Anti-Fusion Devise



2nd pack I oponed to my suprise had not one rare card :cry: here are the ones I got though:

Destruction Cyclone

Return of the Six Samurai

The Six Samurai - Irou

The Six Samurai - Zanji

Change of Hero - Reflector Ray

Ritual Sealing

Synthesis Spell

Alien Phychic

Kahkki, Guerilla of Dark World


Hope this encourages you to buy the set I will be posting the cards I get when I get them

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I almost got a strike of neos booster pack at fred's today but I went for something with this in it


xyz-dragon cannon(got all the fusion monsters)

v-tiger jet

drill bug

darkfire soldier #1

flying kamakiri #2

chthonian polymer

metal detector

nobleman of extermination

deepsea warrior

solomon's lawbook

oni tank t-34


spell shield type-8

elemental hero clayman

rush recklessly

giant soldier of stone

change of heart

draining shield

hero signal

negate attack

feather shot

elemental hero clayman

ojama king(got ojama green but the others nope)

z-metal tank

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Got a Promo Pack today with 2 packs of Strike of Neos and 1 pack of Elemental Energy, and the bonus was 2 holofoil cards:

Cyber End Dragon and Shrink, all for 10$

Heres the cards I got in the packs:

Swift Samurai Storm x2

Electric Virus

Return of the Six Samurai

Cloak and Dagger (1 rare, the other Ultimate Rare):?


Umbral Soul


Synthesis Spell

Silent Abyss x2

Avalanching Aussa

The Six Samurai - Kamon

The Six Samurai - Yariza

Dimensional Fissure

Raging Earth

Destruction Cyclone

Storming Wynn

Batteryman D

Advanced Ritual Art

O - Oversoul

Denstiny Signal

Grand Convergence

Gren, Tactician of Dark World

Miraculous Decent

Majestic Mech - Senku


I think these are pretty good tell me what you think.

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I opened a force of the breaker pack today here are the cards.


2x elemental hero captain gold (ultra rare)

soul of fire (super rare)

Lich Lord, King of the Underworld (secret rare)

tornado (common)

Gravi-Crush Dragon (common)

Volcanic Doomfire (ultimate rare)

Destroyersaurus (rare)

Volcanic Blaster (common)

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