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>> Dj Osiris's Toon Vampire Lord - He Is Uber Cute! <<

Junk Raver

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Just When You Thought I Had Finished With Toons


Im Back With One!


I Shall Hopefully Be Making Some More Soon Also




Toon Vampire Lord







- The Image is Custom Made

- I gave him the first effect of the Original Vampire Lord. Adding the second would make him overpowered in my Eyes, also it would have made the writing Uber small, which i never do.

- Another Toon for my Collection

- Flabberghast




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awesome pic! is it completely custum or did you get the vampire dude off a site?



and read the PM i sent you!


I found the picture on a site, i cut him out of the picture and stuck on a new background, and brightened him up abit ^_^


And shall do ^_^


Thanx Zero


Thanx Sasuke


Thanx Instinct



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im kinda sorry DJ' date=' but the image LOOKS like it was just torn out.....the background doesn't match it........9/10......not 10/10, as usual....>_>


use darker background



Bob your hardly one to comment on card imagery lol


The blue blends well the hair, and creates the sense of happyness, which conflicts with the true sadness of what Vampire Lord is.


Conflicting in this way creates a better bond then if the background was dark and gloomy, much like the real Toons.


If you havent noticed most of my work is happy / Toony based, thus, blue is better, its my style, and it doesnt seem to be bothering anyone else, before this post.


Note also that a cute toon, needs a cheery background, not a gloomy one.

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