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Sorry guys! Not enough time for a fan fic!

Da Pokemon Lord

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Okay...this is like my...I think...2nd fan fic on here (I don't remember). But anyway...before I post the chapter, here are a few basic things you need to know about the story:


CURRENT ARC: Tournament Arc





Yu-Gi-Oh: Advanced Style is played in a way different than regular gameplay. Duelists still use Decks, but these Decks are now called Battle Decks. Battle Decks still consist of the normal Monster, Trap, and Spell Cards. However, the game is not called a Duel anymore. It is called a War. Life Points are not used anymore. In their place is a Life Gauge. Each Battler (formerly known as a Duelist) is given a Life Gauge of 8000 Life Points, which can be increased or decreased as with Normal Life Points. The basic field is the same (Graveyard, Spell and Trap Zone, etc).


One more new addition is the ability to Merge. Similar to the Armor cards used by Joey Wheeler, the Battler takes on an image similar to the monster card they are merging with. Merging with a monster provides a huge advantage. The Battler is unaffected by Spell, Trap, and Monster Card effects. However, if the Battler is sent to the Graveyard as a result of battle, their Life Gauge goes to 0 and they lose the War.


All other gameplay (Summoning, Spell and Trap card activation, Monster Card effects, etc) is still the same.





Kai Hitsuyaga


Deck: Warrior Deck

Signature Card: Hisiro-Warrior of the Light

A German/Japanese Battler who is, unfortunately, too cocky for his own good. He has lost many Wars because he became overconfident and underestimated his opponents. He is a very skilled Battler, untilizing the best Warrior-Type monsters in the world. He plans on becoming the world's greatest Battler.


Azumi Sato


Deck: Spellcaster Deck

Signature Card: Ayama, the Valkyrian Queen

An experienced Battler that prefers Spellcasters and Fairies (mainly Spellcasters). She prefers to take out the foe with Spell and Trap effects rather than attack directly. She is undefeated as of now and plans on becoming the world's greatest Battler.


Gregory Harrison


Deck: Dragon Deck

Signature Card: Blue-Eyes Black Dragon

A Japanese/American student that is the best Dragon-Type Battler in Japan. He has many wins under his belt as well as losses. He has also been best friends with Kai since 2nd grade.


Azuma Hitsuyaga


Kai's older brother. He does not Battle, but he does encourage Kai to do the best he does. Kai lives with his brother after their parents died in a car accident.




The style this is written in is written in 2 ways: the regular stroy way and script format.


The regular story way is used outside of Battles.






[align=center]Featured Cards

Here I will show cards that have appeared in a new chapter. Each card will be custom made.


Hisiro-Warrior of Light

Ayama, the Valkyrian Queen

Blue-Eyes Black Dragon

Des Gren Maju Garzett



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[align=center]Episode 1

New Game, New Rules[/align]


"That's it, folks! Kai Hitsuyaga has won the Tokyo Battle Championships! He will go on to compete in the Japan Battle Tournament later on next. Until then, have a nice day!" the announcer screamed over the microphone.




The roar of the crowd could be heard all around Tokyo. Kai Hitsuyaga stepped down from the Battle Stage and held his trophy up high.


"Good job, Kai!" his brother Azuma said.


"Thanks, bro," Kai responded.




"...and that's how I won the Tokyo Battle Tournament," Kai said to his friend Gregory as they sat on his couch watching the tape.


"So...this game used to be called Duel Monsters?" Gregory asked.


"Yep. But after Seto Kaiba's fall of power 6 years ago, KaibaCorp didn't have the money to manufacture the Duel Monster merchandise anymore. That's when Maximillion Pegasus came in a created Battle Monsters. New game, new rules," Kai explained.


"Aren't you related to Seto Kaiba?" Greg asked.


"He's a distant cousin of mine. I've only actually talked to him once," Kai said shyly.


"Well...that's cool. I just made my new Deck today. This time its Dragons," Greg gloated.


"That's the third time this year you've changed your Deck! First Reptiles and Dinos, then Machines, and now Dragons?" Kai exclaimed.


"I'm keeping it this time. After the production of the Blue-Eyes Black Dragon, I think this Deck will come in handy," Greg gloated some more.


"Yea...you know, I still have my Duel Disk. After Battle Monsters came out, the Duell Disk vanished. I have the only one in all of Japan," Kai said.


"Cool...I never had a Duel Disk...can I have yours?" Greg asked.


"Well...I only used it once. I guess you can have it. But be careful; don't go walking around with that thing. People will want to have it" Kai warned.


"Don't worry, Kai! When have I ever been jumped for something?" Greg asked slowly.


"Remember in fifth grade some punks jumped you for your First Edition Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon? You haven't seen that card since..."


"Yea...it was my first card given to me by my dad. I just want to show my mom. I'll call you when I get home! See ya later, Kai!" Greg yelled as he ran out of Kai's house. Kai plopped in the soft cloth couch and turned on the television. He soon drifted off to sleep.









"Hello? Hitsuyaga residence, Kai speaking," Kai answered.


"K-K-Kai?" a voice quivered.


"Gregory? What's wrong with you? Why do you sound like that?" Kai asked concerned.


"Well...I was on my way home when I took a shortcut I always use. You know, the one behind the market? Well, there were some guys there that were gambling. They happened to see the Duel Disk and the beat me up for it. They tied me up and they plan on beating me up some more unless they get soem money for my return. Kinda stupid...," Greg said.


"Okay...where are you?" Kai asked.


"BEHIND THE MARKET STUPID!" Greg yelled. The phone clicked off.


"Damnit...gotta hurry," Kai said to himself. He grabbed his Battle Disk and left home. He had to go save Greg.





"Greg!" Kai yelled.


"Kai!" Greg responded. Kai followed his voice into the abandoned market. Inside was a large, hollow room. Greg was wrapped up to a chair and surrounded by older men.


"Let my friend go!" Kai yelled.


"Oh we'll let him go alright," the man said. He leaned over and punched Gregory in the face. Gregory's nose was bleeding.


"Stop! How about we Battle? I win, you let my friend go and give him his Duel Disk back," Kai offered.


"And what if I win?" the man asked in a gravely, raspy tone.


"If you win...you can keep the Duel Disk...and I'll give you the money," Kai said shallowly.


"KAI!" Greg yelled.


"Sorry...but it's only fair," Kai whispered.


"Damn you. Giving away my Duel Disk...," Greg said harshly.


"Alright. The name is Hiro Kawashima. I am your executioner," the man said.


"Fine. Set your Deck and get ready," Kai responded.







Kai Hitsuyaga

Deck: Warrior

Life Gauge: 8000




Hiro Kawashima

Deck: Fiend

Life Gauge: 8000



Kai: Alright! I go first! I set four cards face-down and Summon Obnoxious Celtic Guard (EARTH/Level 4/1400 ATK/1200 DEF) in face-up Attack Position! I end my turn.


Hiro: Hmph! Such a weak card! I set 1 card face-down and Summon 1 monster face-down. I end my turn.


KH: Okay...I activate Gravity Axe-Grarl, Axe of Despair and Twin Swords of Flashing Light-Tryca and equip them all to Obnoxious Celtic Guard! Obnoxious Celtic Guard! Attack the face-down monster!


{Obnoxious Celtic Guard attacks Hiro's face-down monster, which is revealed to be Spirit of the Harp. Spirit of the Harp is sent to the Graveyard}


Obnoxious Celtic Guard! Attack again!


{Obnoxious Celtic Guard attacks Hiro's Life Gauge directly, inflicting 2400 points of damage}


Hiro: 5600LP

Kai: 8000LP


I end my turn.


HK: That is all okay. I activate Ultimate Offering! I also activate Brain Control and take control of Obnoxious Celtic Guard! Hahaha! I now Tribute Obnoxious Celtic Guard to Summon Golld, Wu-Lord of Dark World! I also activate Pot of Greed! Ohh? What is this? I Summon Scarr, Scout of Darkworld and Beiige, Vanguard of Darkworld! I end my turn.



[align=center] Hiro Kawashima

Hand=6 cards


{Ultimate Offering}


{Golld, Wu-Lord of Dark World}{Scarr, Scout of Dark World}{Beiige, Vanguard of Dark World}



Kai Hitsuyaga

Hand= 1 card


{Face-Down Spell or Trap Card}


{No Monster Cards}[/align]


KH: Ugh! I draw...ALRIGHT!


HK: What is so funny?


KH: I just drew the card that will seal my victory. First, I also activate Ultimate Offering. Next, I activate Pot of Greed. Then I activate Dark hole from my hand. Next, I summon Cyber Stein and activate its effect! I summon Meteor B. Dragon in face-up attack mode! Now! For the final piece! I summon Gren Maju Garzett! In attack mode! But wait! I now fuse with Gren Maju Garzett to form...


{Kai fuses with Gren Maju Grazett in a white light}


Des Gren Maju Garzett-The Ultimate! I now attack your Life Gauge directly! Maju Mash!


{Kai attacks Hiro with a mighty fist. Hiro is knocked back and flies into a wall. Out of his Deck flies a Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon}


Kai: 3000LP

Hiro: 0LP





Kai Hitsuyaga

Deck: Warrior

Life Gauge: 3000LP




Hiro Kawashima

Deck: Fiend

Life Gauge: 0LP





"You beat me...at my best...in 3 turns...wow," Hiro sighed. "I guess your friend can go."


"You're the guy who beat up Gregory for his Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon...give it back or else I'm calling the cops," Kai ordered, "along with the Duel Disk."


"Yessir!" Hiro said. He hurried and untied Gregory from the chair and returned his Duel Disk and Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon. "Com on guys, let's leave!" Hiro and hus group of friends quickly left.


"Thanks," Gregory said.


"Don't mention it. I did what I had to do," Kai laughed. "I think you're gonna need some ice on your nose."


"Yea. I think so too," Gregory responded.


"Let's get you home," Kai said. The duo left the warhouse. Gregory had a wide grin on his face as he looked as his Duel Disk and his returned Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon.

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cool! it was kind of short tho... just a thought: if he was mean enough to beat someone up for their duel disk' date=' would he really just let them go?



Okay...Kai beat Hiro in a Duel. He honored his choice and let him go. However, he didn't want to return the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon. Therefore, Kai threatened to call the cops.

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[align=center]Episode 2

Prebattle Jitters[/align]


"Alright Kai. Are you ready?" Gregory asked with a slight grin on his face.


"I was born ready," Kai said slowly. The two looked into each other's eyes and didn't budge. Greg's eyes were twitching. Kai was focused. Then, suddenly, Greg gasped for air.


"Ha! I win!" Kai exclaimed.


"That's no fair! You cheated!" Greg said.




"You were breathing through your nose! We were supposed to hold our breath!" The two continued bickering until Azuma, Kai's older brother walked into the room.


"What are you two girls arguing about?" he asked.


"Kai cheated, Azuma!" Greg sneered.


"At what?"


"We were holding our breath for the last cookie," Kai explained.


"Oh...that cookie. Yea...I kinda...ate it," Azuma said softly.


"Aww damn!" Greg and Kai said at the same time.


"It was the last double chocolate chip cookie," Greg cried.


"Shutup...we should be worried about the first round War today. I don't know who I'm going up against," Kai said.


"I don't even know why you still have to battle these losers. You're the Tokyo Champ!" Azuma said. "And I'm the older brother of the Tokyo Champ! You two get your stuff together. We're about to drive down."


"Alright," Kai said.


"Got anymore cookies?" Greg asked Azuma.


"Well...no," he answered. Greg and Kai got their shoes on and headed out the door after Azuma. The three loaded into Azuma's silver Acura RDX.



As they rode, Azuma asked Kai a question:


"Are you ready for this? I mean this is the Japan National Finals. You're going up against people from all over. I heard the Battler from Yokohama is pretty good," Azuma said.


"Yea! I heard he's never lost a War once, Kai," Greg added.


"That doesn't bother me. I got enough skills to give him what he wants," Kai said over-confidently.


"Don't be too cocky now. Remember, one loss and you're out. No second chances," Azuma said. "Alright. We're here." The three stepped out of the car and approached the Japan Megadome. The large, black dome looked like a big dot when viewed from above. "You two go find us some seats. I'll go park." Azuma drove off while Kai and Greg walked in. They were soon interrupted by a large man wearing a black suit, glasses, and a headpiece.


"Stop. State your name," he said.


"Kai Hitsuyaga. I am the Tokyo Champion," Kai said.


"You are cleared. Who is he?" the man asked as he pointed to Greg.


"This is my guest. It clearly states that all Champions are allowed a maximum of three guests. This is my guest Gregory Harrison. Another guest of mine is soon to arrive. His name is Azuma Hitsuyaga. Please let him enter," Kai explained.


"Okay. You two are cleared to go. I will clear Azuma when he arrives."


"Thank you."




The roar of the crowd filled Kai with excitement. His eyes widened as he saw many people rise out of their seats for the War that was currently happening.


"Is this what it feels like? I've never been to one of your Wars...," Greg said.


"Yea. Feels good, huh? Come on, I'll show you where the Battlers stay," Kai said. He and Greg walked down a long hallway into a large hotel. The place was magnificent. There were crystal diamond chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. The main lobby was a bright yellow.


"Whoa...can I stay here?" Greg begged.


"You have to ask your mom. I don't because I live with Azuma since our parents died," Kai explained.


"Oh...hold on." Greg reached into his pocket and pulled out his cell phone. He flipped it open and began to dial a number. He put the phone to his ear and began to talk. "Mom? Yea I'm here with Kai......Can I stay with him for the tournament?......2 weeks......In Osaka......Azuma is saying too......Okay......What did Dad say?......Can you ask him?......Okay, I'll wait............He did?!?......I can?!?......Yes! I love you Mom!......Okay......I'll get Azuma to pick it up......Okay.......See you in 2 weeks!" Greg hung up. "She said yes!"


"Alright! Now we can room together!" Kai exclaimed.


"Kai Hitsuyaga! Please report to the Battle Stage immediately!" a voice over the intercom system bellowed.


"Well...that's me! Wish me luck! Azuma should be back by now," Kai said.


"Alright! Good luck!" Greg said as he raced off to find Azuma.




"Okay! Welcome back everyone! After we witnessed the extravagant victory in Tokyo for Kai Hitsuyaga, let's see if he brought what he had there here to Osaka!" the announcer cheered. "Let's do a quick profile on our two Battlers today. Kai Hitsuyaga, Tokyo Champion, will be facing Chris Heidenberhg, a German-born who won in Yokohama! Kai, born and raised here in Japan, has been recognized as Tokyo's best Warrior-Type Battler. Chris, born in Germany, moved here to Japan after he heard of the tournament. He has dominated Yokohama with his barrage of powerful Machine-Type Monsters! I see this is interesting...Battlers! Step up to the Battle Stage! Kai Hitsuyaga? Ready?" the announcer asked.




"Chris Heidenberhg? Ready?"


"Oh yea," responded in a deep voice.


"Battle!" the announcer beckoned. The War had begun.







Kai Hitsuyaga

Deck: Warrior

LG: 8000LP




Chris Heidenberhg

Deck: Machine

LG: 8000 LP



KH: Alright! I activate Pot of Greed and draw 2 cards. I now summon 1 card face-down and set 2 cards face-down and activate Swords of Revealing Light! I end my turn.


CH: Hmph. Such a pity. I come her to Japan thinking that Japanese Battlers would provide more of a challenge that German Battlers. I was wrong. I activate Mystical Space Typhoon and destroy Swords or Revealing Light. I Summon V-Tiger Jet in face-up Attack Position! I now attack your face-down card! V-Tiger Jet! Mech Roar!


{V-Tiger Jet opens the mouth in the front and blasts a shockwave that reveals Kai's face-down card, Magician of Faith}


KH: Ha! Magician of Faith's effect activates! I bring back Pot of Greed!


HK: That does not matter. I play 2 cards face-down and end my turn.


KH: My turn! First! I activate Change of Heart from the field and take control of V-Tiger Jet. I now Tribute it to Summon Destiny Hero-Dasher! I also activate Pot of Greed from my hand and draw 2 cards again. I now activate Ultimate Offering from the field! I pay 1000 Life Points to Summon Destiny Hero-Diamond Dude and Destiny Hero-Fear Monger! I end my turn.




Life Gauge: 8000LP

Hand= 3 cards


{Face-down Spell or Trap}{Face-down Spell or Trap}

No monsters




Life Gauge: 7000LP

Hand= 4 cards


{Face-down Spell or Trap}{Face-down Spell or Trap}

{DHero-Dasher}{DHero-Diamond Dude}{Dhero-Fear Monger}[/align]



CH: You aer way too overconfident, my friend. If you had not noticed, I still have two face-down cards. I activate one of them, Dark Hole. All monsters on your side of the field go bye-bye.


KH: Argh...


CH: Growl all you want, little boy. I will still beat you. I activate Monster Reborn from my field to bring back V-Tiger Jet. I also Summon W-Wing Catapult from my hand. I know remove both cards from play to Special Summon my VW-Tiger Catapult. Fear it! Attack! Mech Jungle Barrage!


{VW-Tiger Catapult fires a barrage of missles at Kai}



KH: 5000LP

CH: 8000LP


KH: Damnit!


CH: Profanity will get you nowhere. I end my turn.


KH: I draw. I activate Pull the Strings and return to the field my three Destiny Heroes!


KH: 4200LP

CH: 8000LP


KH: I now activate my Spell Card, Destiny Charge! Since I have 3 Destiny Heroes on the field, you take 3000 points of Direct Damage. I end my turn.


KH: 4200LP

CH: 5000LP


Announcer: Amazing, folks! Kai, with one card, has evened out the War!


CH: It's not over yet. I summon X-Head Cannon. I also activate Mine Clear. Your Ultimate Offering is destroyed. I activate Swords of Revealing Light and end my turn.


KH: This is not over yet...


CH: Oh yes it is. You have 3 monsters that cannot beat mine. You have no Spells or Traps and you have 1 card in your hand. You cannot win. Your road to being the world's greatest Battler is over.



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