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>> Onaga, The Endless Samurai - Intresting Effect worth seeing! <<


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[align=center]Well if your all wondering why I have those arrow things in my title it's because I see that one of the best card makers I know uses those in his Titles, and he gets a lot of comments. Maybe it's because the title catches people's eyes. Or maybe it's because it's the Card Maker himself. Either way, please Comment on this card!




"When this card is Normal Summoned successfully, search your Deck for 1 Spell or Trap Card and remove it from play. When this card is destroyed by battle, you can place this card face-down in your Spell and Trap Card Zone. While this card is in your Spell and Trap Card Zone, it gains the effect of the removed Spell or Trap Card. If this card is destroyed while in your Spell and Trap Card Zone, you may place the removed Spell or Trap Card on to the top of your Deck."


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