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Wheel of Time Series almost COMPLETE


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hey zach' date=' i think you should just lay low for a while because i think people are just out to get you.


Who knows, maybe they are, I hope not, I never did anything to them. Well, I guess I was alittle overprotective about my opinion when it comes to Under-Age-User and Crab Helmet, but not when it comes to Yugioh Master4444, he's just being an Uber-Noob...I never seen anyone be that way before, so disrespectfull...oh well,


Just because I'm a friend of yours I'll give you an automatic 5 points for this set, Some pictures can be improved but I'll give you 1 more point for effort, and 1 more point for having a good concept. The only thing I took points off for is the OCG but I have a feeling you'll do much better next time...so a total rating of 7/10..good job and keep up the good work...

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