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Rainbow Neos Deck

EHERO Andrew

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Ok I just redited this so ignore the next couple posts. So this is the best I can do.



Rainbow Neos x3



Elemental Hero Neos x3

Rainbow Dragon x3

The Calculator x2

Elemental Hero Stratos

Cyber Dragon x3

Exiled Force x2

Elemental Hero Wildheart x3



Polymerization x3

Emergency Call

Reinforcement of the Army x2Oversoul x2

Lightning Vortex x2

Future Fusion


Swords of Revealing Light

Premature Burial

Heavy Storm




Royal Decree x2 (can be used for Rainbow Neos effect)

Bottomless Trap Hole

Torrential Tribute

Mirror Force

Call of the Haunted

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Wow! No suggestions, no sticks, no stones, no harsh comments! I quess this must be the best deck I made. About the advertising thing, I'm not really advertising, because it's not COMPLETELY the other guy's deck. Since it's a little different, it's considered my deck. The guy who originally made this deck had 2 Great Maju Garzetts. I only have one and there are other cards that came from the other guy and that are not in my deck.

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