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my deck

Blaze Uchiha

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Okay I do not know if it is good but it has some stradigies.



Zure Knight Of Dark World x1


Insect Knight x1


Charcoal Inpachi x1


Unshaven Angler x1


Magna Slash Dragon x1


Blue Eyes White Dragon x1


Double Coston x1


Despair From The Dark x1


Elemental Hero SparkMan x1


Elemental Hero ClayMan x1


Elemental Hero Avian x1


Celtic Guardian x1


Warrior Dai Grepher x1


Dark Blade x1




Wicked-Breaking Flamberge - Baou x1


Divine Sword = Phoenix Blade x1


Lightning Blade x1


Dragon Treasure x1


Monster Reborn x1


Brain Control x1


Change Of Heart x1


Card Destruction x1


Pot Of Greed x1


Dian Keto The Cure Master x1


Giant Trunade x1


Reinforcement Of The Army x1


Tornado x1


Mystical Space Typhoon x2




Introduction To Gallantry x1


Secrets Of The Gallant x1


Gem Flash Energy x1


Elemental Burst x1


Spell Purification x1


Trap Hole x1


Call Of The Haunted x1


Reinforcements x1


Just Desserts x1


Royal Decree x1


Magic Jammer x1


Thats my deck and you all should see my stradigies.

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