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My Weekly Dose Card Review

Yu-Gi-Oh Fanatic

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Hello everyone I am here for my daily card review where I rate your cards. Really all I want to see is the most realistic card of them all everyday. All you have to do is make a card and then post it here and I will grade them. I will also select card of the weeks and rate those. So start making those cards folks I'll be watching.




name: 0-5

picture: 1-10

effect (optional): 1-10

is it intact and fully operational (meaning if it was a dead draw or anything like that): 0-5


Total Points: 0-30pts or 5-100%


I hope you all think this will be a good idea

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Besides mean the new post /\ I was looking through the threads when I saw hunterb's Dwarf Miner and I thought it looked really cool:



Okay so now for the rating:


Name- A little original with not much umph so I say 3.5


Picture- A cool picture that goes along with the name and effect so 10


Effect- Good effect but not much what I would expect it seems a little underpowered with the trap being removed from play and over powered with the spell. How bout making the spell card activated when picked, the trap card is sent to the graveyard while you cannot draw when you use this effect. I say 7.5


Operational- This could be used as a dead-draw/exodia deck which is good and bad so after this long review I say 3


Total- 24 or 79.2%


Good job another review tomorrow so stay tuned because your card could be next

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So I want to do a thing like he is who cares its just something that I thought would be a good idea and give him some time off so peeps can come to both of us to get different opinions. I have a new card here it is:


Flame Bearer by icemasteralex



name- really nice 5

picture- nice job with that I just thought there would be more fire so 9

effect- You got the effect kinda messed up first of all come on a handshake I know that this works and its a good effect but still couldnt you just flip a coin or like roll a die and the even number cancles out the attack and the odd number gives them the monster, but anyways underpowered you need to sacrifice 2 cards to summon a low attack and defense monster. To make this even longer there are OCG errors that if you want to know what they are just pm me the card or just say what are the OCG errors 5

operational- no hard to get out and cant maintain it for a good enough time because of effect 2


total- 18 or 59.4 my worst rating yet Im sorry its just how it is


Another cards coming tomorrow, Yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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