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~5 rep image contest~ Only one winner. No runners up. ^_^

Lucas Maximus

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Hey all, this is my latest contest, yet another image contest though this time there will only be one winner. He/She will win 5 reps and a free purchase at my shop, enjoy my contest.


I will be rating on:


1) OCG ' Grammar

2) Name of card

3) Editing of picture/ Holo effects.

4) Quality and of my liking.

5) Originality.

6) Balanced, overpowerd, underpowerd.

7) I will most probably add more a the contest progresses.


Rules of contest:

1) You may edit the picture in anyway at all you like, no need to reserve entrys as this a unlimited man contest, with only one winner.

2) You may not post your entry in the 'Realistic Cards' section without my permission.

3) This contest ends 25/2/08

PICTURE: 5v7ql2.jpg

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