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My love poem, a poem for valentines day. »-(¯`v´¯)-»

Lucas Maximus

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Hope you like my poem. i wrote it all by myself. »-(¯`v´¯)-»


Love is a game

just meant to be played

Love is a phrase

just awfully cliched.


Love is a drug

with a license to kill

Love drugs us all

not just me but all you.


Love is a game

just meant to be played.

Love is a phrase

just overly clichéd.


It's dominated by cheaters,

players, and rule-breakers.

Where three words often said

are lies spoken by fakers.


Love is an emotion

and hormones are the cause.

Love is perfection

that brings out your flaws.


Young ones are swayed

into believing that it's real.

Soon concious of mistakes,

next fear is what you feel.


Hope you all like it. ^^

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I indeed think you should make more' date=' you really have a poetic talent, I hope to read more poems from you :)



Thanks alot man. O_o


I like it! And I'm hard to please with writing pieces' date=' especially poems! You have an awesome talent, you should write for Hallmark or something :D



I never expected to get feedback this good, i had on idea i was this good.

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