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Pokemon Evolution-First 3 evolutions


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Please rate and comment, also, i do not care if the picture is bad or if there is a little ocg errors, and remember to read the evolutions in order(example-bulbasaur, ivysaur,venusaur), cuz for some odd reason it wont let me put them in evolution order, but wat are ya gonna do:lol:

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I think these are the worst pokemon cards I've seen on ycm, and there are ALOT of them.

I know you said you don't care about if the pics are bad or not, but you could atleast try to find some good ones. And the cards effects, some bad OCG, but it's just like upgrading your monster every turn until it turns into an uber monster (not that they do). I think you should make Charizard a little weaker.

Pics- 1/10

Effects- 4/10

ATK / DEF- 7/10

Overall- 4/10

You should work on these

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