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Element cards....not HEROS....but periodic table thingies...now working with element...

Glorious eXcess

Should I contine making these  

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  1. 1. Should I contine making these

    • Yes
    • No, get a life, like me for example....
    • Meh....theyre ok, but dont push yourself

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Hello, all....after a sortof successful set of revivals....i decided to make ELEMENT cards...not like the dumb heros.....


ill make just a few and await feed back...


credit to da members: vandervals...so far...mehehhee





The element is Polonium, found in tobbaco, and is sort of.....scratch that....VERY toxic....so.....enjoy the 84th element....


next card





i dont care if all that is wrong is "This card cannot be played in Attack position"



and i suck at the Winged- Beast/ Element/ Effect, so please rate that and suggest......




a crystal beast ripoff, and workx with the previous

the second element , helium

please rate and comment..


and here is element8934 or sumting's card...i was given permission, as we are working ttogether on this now


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doy...hehehehe i forgot about that....


This card cannot be played in Attack Position. Each turn, place 1 Polonic Counter on this card. This card gains the following effects according to the amount of Polonic Counters on this card:

1- You can negate the attack of 1 monster that targets a monster without "Polonium" in its name.

3- If this card is destroyed as a result of battle, you can discard your entire hand to draw 2 new cards. If any of them have "Element" Sub-types and have less than 500 ATK or DEF, pay 300 Life Points to Special Summon them.



hehhee sorry

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I don't I'd ever use effect number 3 unless I had 2 or less' date=' but then it'd be wasted if they are level 3's, well, you're yet to release those other levels threes, right?

Nice job must've been hard to find the picture.

[/quote']wow*admires card*.....thanks.....and most of the elements have less than 500 ATK and DEF...except for the Uranium Dragon/...hehehe rainbow dragon ripoff\



and no, i found the album of vanderval, so ill just use his images.....im giving credit thogh

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