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This may be one of my best cards yet [probably ocg errors]

The Dark Master

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k...thanks i guess....


That must be a bummer, you say it's one of your best cards and you've got people saying you should scrap it XP



At first glance it seems balanced enough, perhaps a little overpowered, but I have a few problems with it.


1. You can just use his effect each turn to keep him a 2700 ATK monster. That can be solved by saying "once every 2 turns" or something similar.


2. As a single card it's only slightly overpowered, but it's also a DARK warrior-type monster. That means it has all the searchability of a Warrior-type and all of the Phantom Darkness support of DARK monsters.



So overall, it's not ridiculously overpowered, but it's overpowered enough to where it needs a little revision.

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