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a new card...suggestions, plz

bury the year

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Can anyone think of a good Deck to abuse this card?





I added this card, because I forgot to post it.

*This card has been removed, per request of the card art's owner. I'm leaving the stats up, just because I like the card too much to remove it entirely.


Surprise Summoner

Spellcaster/LIGHT/Level 3/ATK 500/DEF 1500

When this card is face-up on the field, you must reveal all cards you draw. If you reveal a Monster Card this way, you can discard 1 card from your hand to Special Summon it to either side of the field in face-up Attack Position.



Disclaimer: Both of the card arts for the cards above (and below) have been used before on this site (or others), and are not my own. I'm sorry to anyone who I might have taken these from; PM me, and I'll take them off.



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actually it does' date=' and all decks could abuse it cause its far to overpowered..



How? You destroy the targeted monster to summon another monster that is either equally as weak or weaker. It's just a waste of a monster. It would be good only for cards like Yomi Ship or Wall Of Illusion. Nothing special really.

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Wow, this, I find incredibly surprising! Both pictures were both pictures of my past cards.The first picture I can be at peace terms with because that was back in my first set. The second I just CAN'T that picture was all over YCM after a past..... misfortune.

But regardless, if you look closely it has blurry pixels meaning you copy and pasted it from a card and then tried to upload it. Making it squished. Or you found a very long/wide picture, making it uber squished.


~Don't apologize you did very well for your first time~!!!


I won't put that against you but.... yeah.


I'll work on summoner

Category: Comment Current Record

Picture: Probably the best one I ever found, 9.5/10

Ocg: Plagued with mistakes 9/10

Effect: Ba-Ba-Broken, it's dasher on drugs? 8.3/10

Image Quality: No comment.... 8/10

Level: Fair 8/10

Final Comments:

Pretty broken because you slam out creators etc.

Final Grade: 8/10

8/10 x10 = 80/10 C- Nice Job! For your first time great!

Don't let it discourage you, work on your OCG and effect fairness and you'll be fine.

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Well you could definitely abuse Spiritual Transit in a Zombie deck. The Decend into maddness could be Used in any deck with monsters that have effects to increase Atk when on the field. Like take a fiend deck, you could summon a card like Goblin King which can't be attack if another fiend monster is ont he field and it gains 1000 Atk for every other Fiend on the field other than itself. And if you have destroyed two other fiends you could special summon Dark Necrofear and then the game would be practically over.

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