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TOFT - Tribunal Flame of Terra


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Hi, Ive created a new set of Yugioh Cards, this time its much more of a mix than the last ones i've made. Yeah, the name's kinda random, i couldnt really think of anything. This set contains a couple of cards based of some games, part of my new female set and a bunch of others thrown into the mix. I hope you like them and please give me some feedback.

Oh and follow the link as usual.



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sorry to badger you overheat but i need you to be more specific than that' date=' i dont know which cards in particular you mean. If ive posted them like this then obviously the mistakes arent so obvious to me, so in order for me to use your advice i need some more info. thanks.



cyborg ninja gray fox that means he can be on the field in witch position you want and if he dosent battle it cant be send to the graveyard as resualt of battle and with out scrafice.


phantom dorship ( or some thing like that) you have like 3 cards in that set that can be summoned by his effect with out and tributes....

and he has high ATK points.


thoses are the cards that i think need the most make over but to be fair the set is not at all bad.. ( if that is the what you thoght i said)

just do a little harder to make the effects and the ATK be more blanced.

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thanks overheat, thats more like what i want to hear. sorry, it was just that your previous advice was a bit vague. ill try and make some changes, including the ones you mentioned, let me know what you think of them when i post them.

oh and im not quite sure by what you mean by IMG codes Cyber Static. What are they, what do they do? Is this because i post my cards on a seperate site?

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