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Ab-Normal (For all you Normal monster haters)

Vector Nightmare

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This monster cannot be destroyed in Battle. As long as this card remains face-up on the field, you may not control more than one monsters. If you control more than one monsters, you must remove any number of monsters on your side of the field from play until you control only one, or this card is removed from play. Once per turn you may discard one card from your hand to remove one Effect monster card in your deck from play. This monster is treated as an Effect monster with the Effect and card name of the monster that was removed from play by this card's effect until the End Phase of the turn this card is activated. If this card is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard. by a Spell, Trap or Monster card effect, remove the 5 top cards in your deck from play to Special Summon this monster during the End Phase of the second turn after it was destroyed.


So basically, to sum the above up:


You have to give up one monster to Tribute Summon this guy. With 1500 ATK and DEF points, he isn't that impressive. However, here's where his effects kick in:


1) Your opponent can't destroy this little guy in battle.


2) Once per turn, this monster can adapt the effect of any monster you have in your deck. More of a one-thing, really, since that monster is removed from play, but each turn at the cost of one card from your hand, you can pick a different effect.


3) Even if this monster is destroyed by an effect, so long as it stays in the Graveyard, after two turns you can Special Summon it to the field by removing a few cards from your deck.


Of course, there are a few downsides:


1) You can't control more than one monsters while you have this guy up. If you happen to have more monsters, you must either get rid of them or this one. So basically you can use him to assimilate a summoning effect (useful with Lvl monsters, since it also gets the card name of the card you are mimicing), but then you'll have to give up on him.


2) While this card can take up other monsters' effects, its stats remain at a puny 1500 / 1500, so it is rather unlikely it can be used to deal any serious damage, and without any other monsters, you'd have to rely on your effects to get you through.






Note: I did not know how to assimilate it in the effect, but this card's effect can be activated even while it's face-down on the field, useful when taking on a "Flip" effect.

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Very nice. Odd that this hasn't gotten a review yet.


It's also fairly awesome because


1. It's LIGHT 1500 ATKer, which means Shining Angel and Sangan like cards can search it out


2. It's a Spellcaster, so some of the best support in the game can be used with this crazy looking guy.


3. Profit


I'm not too fond of the picture though. I know it's supposed to be formless and all, but it just isn't very appealing to the eyes, ya know.


This is also a really good deck thinner, as long as you don't mind losing at least 2 cards in your hand because


1. You can use his effect and discard his copy from your deck, then do it again, which already leaves you with 2 less cards in your deck (Although you also lose 2 from your hand, which isn't really a good trade T_T)


2. (the better one) Removing cards from your Deck is awesome, although, the main Deck type for this wouldn't really work (macro) since this card has to be sent to the Grave.



One more thing, it seems a little overpowered to me, for a couple reasons


1. Injection Fairy Lily... yeah, that's a cool 4500 damage right there


2. Piranha Army, if you Attack directly, that's 3k damage there


And that's just the potential ATK this guy can achieve, that's not even covering all of the Ridiculously good effects that come from the various effect monsters that you can just chuck from your deck.


1. The Creator

2. Dark Armed Dragon (You can ditch him, so you don't have to SS him, then send DARK monsters away for some serious destruction)

3. And a lot more.

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O.o Sacho's really learned at Ygo!


Basically Sacho has already pointed out all its pros and cons. ~_~ Which means i have no buisiness here T_T


BUT theres one very PAINFULL combo if he uses this card!!!!!


Persay if u have the 3 magnet warriors Alpha, Beta and Gama in your graveyard and a fiend type monster like Evil hero Malicious edge cause if u keep on reusing the indestructable effect u discard the top 5 cards into the grave!!! Then you can actually copy Valkyrion the Magna Warrior (the big magnet guy formed through throwing Alpha, Beta and Gama into the grave) who has a whooping 3.5k att and u can whack the dude who stands in your way, Then break down Valkyrion the Magna Warrior into Alpha, Beta and Gama, by offering your Ab-normal which is now Valkyrion the Magna Warrior and use Dark calling to bust out a very high att Dark gaia with the Valkyrion the Magna Warrior and Malicious edge in your grave!!!! Or you can just dismantle the Valkyrion the Magna Warrior and summon the small magnet guys and dark calling straight either way it should be an OTK if you have a royal Decree out =P


Good card! 7/10

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But considering if you are really going to use this card, then u will put 3 valkyrion in your deck and 2 malicious edge. The chances of u dropping valkyrion will be very high Plus if there is a valyrion in your hand you can always discard it to steal some other effect then when the malicious edge is in the graveyard ou can then dark calling or you could just play burial form the different dimension. =P

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Whoa, thanks for the feedback everyone.


To start off from basics:


The picture is supposed to be a vortex, like a futuristic black hole. I figured it was fitting for the monster considering the 'warping' effect, since it sucks out monsters from your deck and drains their abilities. But yeah, it didn't work out too well, so I'll change it once I find a better one.


About the effect.


Well deck-thinning is a good use for him but you'll have to be careful with that, since if it's destroyed and you want him back, you'll have to give up one-eighth of your deck (assuming of course, you work on the limit). Plus, even though you won't (actually, you can't) play other monsters while he is up, still you might want to throw around some spells and traps, so discarding one card from your hand all the time may quickly leave you with zero hand power, and your deck might empty real fast if you are forced to revive him and use his effect constantly, but if you don't have any cards in your hand, you will want to revive him or you'll be in trouble. So yeah, you can't exactly spam his effect.


Naturally, aside from his own ability to copy effects, removing good cards from play may help you a lot if you're using a strategy that focuses on these cards.


As for Injection Fairy Lily... well yeah, you'll have a 4500 ATK point monster on the field, but first off, he'll be the only one and after one turn, he'll revert back to 1500, second, you have to give up on 2000 Life Points, and third, you have to give up on one card, and you also have to remove IFL from your deck... it doesn't seem too overpowered to me. Maybe a little, but still, you can't rely solely on this monster to win the duel, so the rest of your cards must have some consistency as well, so there's only so many 'godly' effect monsters you can include in your deck to take advantage of without completely ruining it. Also Piranha Army... sucks, really, as a card, and it's very unlikely you'll run it in your deck, and anyway, you will have to make sure you get a clear shot at your opponent's Life Points before you use that effect, otherwise with just 1500 ATK it's kind of worthless. And again, it's just for one turn, and you do have to give up a precious card in your hand, so...


As for the Valkyrion combo, while it can be painful, you'll still need a lot of luck to get the three Magnet Warriors to the Grave, especially if you keep on ressurecting this card, and also another Valkyrion in your hand in order for the summoning to work. It's really unlikely that you'd be able to pull it off particularly often, unless you get Ab-Normal out later in the game, after Alpha, Beta and Gamma are already in the Grave. And actually, Dark Gaia's effect would be even harder to pull off with this. Let's say you get Ab-Normal out and you have the three Magnet Warriors in the Grave, then you'll have to give up one card in your hand (but how many of those can you have by now, and you already need Valkyrion and Dark Calling in your hand) to assimilate Valkyrion from your deck, then you'd have to activate 'fake' Valkyrion to get Alpha Beta and Gamma back up, then you'd also have to activate these to get Valkyrion again, then you'd have to give up on Valkyrion and then use Dark Calling so yeah... kind of hard to use.


Yeah, he has a lot of good combos, but as far as I've searched, there is nothing too overpowered.

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