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Elemental/Evil Hero Contest

The Oncoming Storm

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If u copy or make it similar to my idea i will report or give u 5 -reps


Well here's my Entry!





Here's the effect is u can't read:

Elemental Hero Plasma Vice + E-Hero Wildheart


This card can't be summoned except by fusion summon.(Can only be fused by super fusion.)

As long as this remains on the field,all monsters that are destroyed and sent to the graveyard are removed from play.This card cannot be destroyed by DARK and LIGHT-attribute monsters.

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i'll enter this is just one of my entries so don't cranky (Note: this is a Support card)


here is my real entry (note: there are 2 Fusions of Burstinatrix and bladedge coz there are 1 fusions of avian and busti!!





hope u like it most of them except 4 the last one i did 4 another comp but i lost coz some1 else only had 1 and still won T_T.

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