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Trickster of Time (Holo-ed)


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[align=center]As long as this card is face-up on the field, it is not treated as a Wind Attribute. Twice per turn, during either player's turn you can select one of the following effects:

Rewind - Select a Phase: Draw Phase, Standby Phase or Main Phase 1. The current Phase becomes what you selected.

Fast Forward - Declare a Phase, skip the next Phase of this turn, if End Phase was selected, skip your next Draw Phase.[/align]


Enjoy :D




- Any Battle Damage during the Phase this card's effect was used is reduced to 0.

- Any Spell, Trap or Monster Effect used during the Phase this card's effect is used is treated as if it was never used during that Phase but still existent on the field or in that player's hand.

- Any monster destroyed during the Phase this card's effect was used is still destroyed unless the monster was "Trickster of Time" which is treated as if it wasn't destroyed as a result of battle if its "Rewind" effect was used.

- If this card's first effect should be used during for example the Draw Phase, and the player selects Main Phase 1, the effect is negated.[/align]

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