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UPDATE: February 15th 2008


i. As of February 15th 2008, the Yugioh Card Maker Forum requires you to post a disclaimer/cite-your-artwork. Due to recent events regarding the illegal use of artwork, we will be slowly adapting the forum to new rules until we are within the law, starting with this rule.


If the card artwork you’re using originated from a source other than yourself, we ask you add a disclaimer to your main post of the thread. It can be:



[i do not own the artwork used for my cards. I only use them as a means of increasing the overall quality and effect of my work. I do not claim ownership of them.]



I don’t own these cards pics, this guy does: *insert link to DA Account*


The disclaimer will differ from member to member, though it is recommended you simply “copy & paste” the formal disclaimer.



ii. I also ask you now AT LEAST post the name of the owner of the art. If the art is from DA, most likely it will be in the pic’s title when you save it. You can either post the name with a link to their DA account in your main post, OR, add a © to the card under the Edition Section like so:




No matter which you choose, you should also provide a link to the owner’s account. It shows respect to the art’s owner. If you want to go as far as to ask the artist’s permission, that would be greatly appreciated as so much conflict can be averted this way. I asked the artist’s permission for the above card, and I’m still alive.



iii. If the art’s owner visits the forum and requests that you remove the card with their art, please do so. They have the final say on what happens to their own creations. Along with the DA Members, I will be asking specific members help enforce this rule. If they ask you to abide by the rules and post a disclaimer/cite your work/add a link to the gallery/remove your card, please do. In extreme cases, if I feel your constant ignorance of the rules and/or flaming of the members warning you unnecessary, you will be banned.



What to expect in the future:

1. Tags/Stamps. We will be asking DA Members to post a tag or stamp in their profile to let YCM members know wether we can use their artwork or not. This will be much faster than having to wait for a request response.


2. New Moderators. I am making an official request to YCMaker for two new Custom Card Section Moderators to help with rule enforcement. My goal is to have one of them be a well known YCM Member and the other to be a higher ranking DA Member. This ordeal needs to be overseen by both sides.


3. This thread will also be displaying artists who are ok with us using their art freely, and those you should avoid all together.


Please direct all questions to the “YCM and DA United Peace Organization”.



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