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My First Cards (Uncompleted Set) more on the way plz rate...

The Ruby

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I just finished my "god" deck today hope u like. Hope Their Attack Doesnt Seem to be unbalanced with the rest of the card cuz i designed them to be like that, honestly i can probably make a deck just as equal with monsters at only 0 atk just wanted to start with a blast...the artwork isnt mine but the images were cool so i thought i'd use them.rate please!!!!!!!!



This monster cannot be destroyed as a result of battle. This monsters effect is activated by the number of tributes you sacriface to summon this monster.Its effects are as followed.

-One tribute, destroy one monster on the field.

-Two tributes, add one "God" monster from your deck to your hand.

-Three tribute, Destroy all spell and trap cards on the field.-Four tributes, special summon as many "God" monsters from your graveyard.

-Five tributes, Destroy all cards on the field except this card


"Aphrodite, Goddess Of Love Enchantress Of The Heavens" + "1 or more 'Goddess' Monsters"

This monster cannot be destroyed as a result of battle. This monster gains the combined ATK of all the monsters used to fusion summon it. Accoring to the number of monsters that was used to fusion summon this monster, this monster receives the following effects,

-2, destroy one monster during each of your main phase 1's.

-3, destroy all spell and trap cards on the field.

-4 + more, destroy all cards on the field except this card.


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