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How to create animated cards! >>>BETA VERSION<<<


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Okay, this is the BETA version of this guide. I've only tested it on a demo and I apologize if its a bit complicated and has errors,


but until I find an easier way, this will have to do.


Step 1: What you need

You're going to need the following programs:


-An image editing program

-A GIF maker program

-The card maker on this site

-A video file (preferrably AVI format, if not you may need a converter)



Step 2: Getting your graphics

Open up VD and locate your video file. Use the search bar to naviage to the beginning of where you want your


animation to start. Now there should be a set of buttons below the bar on the far right. Click the first one of those


(should look like an arrow a bit). This will set your start frame. Now drag the bar to where you want the animation


to end and click the other arrow-style button. This will cut the frames. Remember, the more frames, the longer


the animation, the longer it takes to make and the larger the size.

Now go to File > Export > Image Sequence and save it in whatever image format to a location of your choice. This


will create each individual frame as an image file (use PNG to save space, BMP for quality though)


Step 3: Resizing

This part I haven't fully figured out yet, so the images aren't going to be a perfect size!


Step 4: Card making

Create your card and leave out a picture! Simple! Save it to your hard drive.


Step 5: Editing

This is where you'll need patience! You must now copy the card x the amount of output frames you have! Now open


an image editor and place the image sequence (resized, still fixing bugs in that ok guys!) onto each individual


card. It will take a long time, so if you haven't got patience, STOP NOW!


Step 6: Animating

Open a GIF creator and add each outputted card as a new frame. Save as a GIF and voila! You have an animated




This guide is nowhere near done yet! I'm planning to fix it up if people like the idea of an animated card. If you


don't understand this, I'll provide a graphical walkthrough in the next couple of days. Enjoy!


If this is in the wrong section can a mod plz move it...I sorta posted it before I got a reply...I'm so impatient lol

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Not everyone has software like imageready though. This is more of a guide for people who use freeware. Its longer, I know, but I don't use expensive progs like that. And the framing issues are nothing too complex, I can fix it using Paint.NET or even VD. And I realise this should be in tuts now. My mistake.

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There's actually easier ways to do it. I was going to make an animated card a month ago' date=' but I was too lazy. T_T

I think you can do it with:



[*]GIMP / CS3

Still, a pretty good tutorial, once it's in the right section... ;)


As I said its only in the beta stage so its nowhere near perfect. But thanks anyway. I'm figuring out how to do more things with it, but you still need to use a video prog though, cause how else you gonna get all the frames you want? Eh anyway thx and I know this should be in tuts, whoops...:)

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Erm' date=' nice tutorial i suppose, but i already knew much of this. ^_^



Thanks, Cyber! And since everyone gave me suggestions, the first official version should be released soon, with screenshots, examples and everything you need! And guess what else? I won't be a n00b and post it in the Realistic Cards section! :D

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