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Holos on Photoshop

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I've been searching for a good Holofoil tut here, but I couldn't find it. Thanks to Tri Fox's great secret rare tut, I figured it out.

Start by copying and pasting this picture onto a new window. I got this pic from God Kaiba who got it from God GAK.


Go to the edit tab and click on "Define Pattern." Title it whatever you want and click Okay.

Open the card you want to holo in a new window. Select the rectangular marquee tool (the little doted rectangle that you select things with). Select the picture in the card.

Warning! Do not select the whole card! It looks bad.

Now that we have that cleared up, right click on the selected area and go down to Fill.

In the contents section, set the Use to Pattern, and the custom pattern to what looks like your holo pattern. In the blending section, set the Mode to Soft Light. If the effect is too strong, set the Opacity to a lower number. I usually use 70 Opacity, but you can use whatever works the best for you.

And Viola! Your very own Holo card on Photoshop. Enjoy!

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