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Twilight pack(Please Rate all)


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-OCG Errors.

-Grammar and Spelling Issues.

-Some images are too blurry, or stretched.

There are so many errors with the card text that you couldn't use them in an actual duel. Let us take a look at one of your cards to clarify what I mean.




So first issue I have is that you have him listed as a Reaper type monster, which currently doesn't exist but if you are creating a new class of monsters that's fine with me. It has ?/? ATK which is determined by the effect of "Sword of Twilight" or "Sythe of Twilight" (btw it's spelt Scythe not Sythe). Now the real issue is the way the effect of this card is written. This is a monster that has an ATK/DEF of ?/? that doesn't state how his ATK/DEF is calculated when he's summoned. So you can potentially Normal Summon this monster with ?/? ATK/DEF. That's great but how does one calculate the battle damage? You can't because there is no way to figure it out until he's equipped with "Sword of Twilight." So what you should do is state how his ATK/DEF is calculated on the monster card rather than the equip card. Also, his effect is very broken because when he is equipped with "Sword of Twilight" he gains 500ATK for every monster in both Graveyards. What's even more broken is that he can also be equipped with "Scythe of Twilight", which has the exact same effect as "Sword of Twilight." So if he's equipped with both cards he can easily become an 8000ATK+ monster. To top it all off he's a 1 start monster with no limitations on how he can be summoned.


I think you meant to use Tokens for Twilight Witches effect because Spell Counters are just that. They're counters on a card that trigger some other effect.

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