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Enchanting Fitting Room abuse deck


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well i was looking through my cards and saw encharnted fitting room, and i thought it was a very good card for normal monster swarming. so iv tried to make a deck out of it. tell me what u think? iv added colour coz i got bored.


Enchanting Fitting Room

spell/ normal

Pay 800 Life Points. Pick up 4 cards from the top of your Deck and Special Summon to your side of the field all Level 3 or lower Normal Monsters among the picked-up cards. Return all the other picked-up cards to your Deck and the Deck is then shuffled.

2| cyber dragon

2| raiza the storm monarch

2| mobius the frost monarch


3| hunter dragon

3| sonnic duck

3| dragon zombie

3| Armored Zombie

1| snipe hunter

1| breaker the magical warrior


3| Enchanting Fitting Room

2| Symbols of Duty (trying inplace of premature burial)

1| heavy storm

1| mystical space typhoon

2| burden of the mighty

2| shield crush

2| enmey controller

2| shrink


1| call of the haunted

2| botemless trap hole

2| common charity

1| mirror force

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