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Dark Gundam Added


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This should really go into the pop culture forum but I think you already knew that. Putting that aside this is a well balanced set you have that is pretty practical but to be honest the majority of the effects are rather uninteresting. Some of my critiques regarding your cards are as follows:


Taking a Stand:

Pretty overpowered despite being specific to machine type monsters. This could easily be used for Cyber Dragon and take out Blue Eyes White Dragon with no drawbacks. I would include some sort of drawback to using this card like destroy the monster at the End Phase.



Despite being very situational it's a pretty powerful card. It has the effect of magic cylinder and that trap card that changes the position of all face-up monsters on the field. I'm contemplating whether you should add a cost to this card because it is highly situational card.


ICU Bot:

Considering it's effect I would lower the Level and ATK of this card. Plus, if you do that it'll work in conjunction with Whip Wielder.


Class Claw - Code A:

I would make this card a 2500 ATK monster at the very least. Considering the Summoning conditions, raising the ATK of this card would make it better.


Rapid Fire:

Fix the card text because it says "to destroy cards on the equal..."


OCG Errors on Titanium Whip that needs to be fixed.


I hope you create more Level 3 monsters to complement the effect of Whip Wielder.

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