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Welcome to the YCMaker's ultimate shop, here you can buy things, and more things!!!!




Card Pic:

Cost is 5 points



Card Cutouts/crops


Card Pic:

Cost is 7 points



Card Boarders


Card Pic:

Colour of boarder:

Cost is 6 points



IMPORTANT!!!! = All these items require one of your own card creations


STAFF!!!! = I am also looking for staff (2 at max) to create banners, avatars, etc. Payment will be 5 reps a week, if you do an order on the day the order was made I will pay one 1 extra rep!!!

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Guest Supreme Gamesmaster

I can do almost anything with graphics. Ask for it, and it shall be so. Unless it's a holo effect or box covers. Me + holo effect = EPIC FAIL.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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